2008 Kia Optima

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The one with the “Fusion tail lights” we saw in spy pics a few days ago.

I didn’t know it was coming out that early.
The Optima came out after the Sonata, yet the Hyundai hasn’t been revised yet.
The Kia still has a better interior. Even more so now.
It also looks like, at least in Europe (The pictures show French plates) navigation will be available.

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  1. Drove the mid-range model last year, the I-4 and V6. V6 gives you enough Ooomph for a non-terrifying drive on the hwy. The I-4 strains some, and using the auto-manual shifter (dropping into a lower gear)helps passing manuevers.

    This year, Kia dropped the low end model(base), and now have 2 models( and prices have went up….and fewer options).
    If my 04 Sonata GLS v6 were 6 months from being paid off, I’d wait for this, and get it.
    The Optima(vs new Sonata): I-4 vs I-4
    1) Handles slightly better.
    2) slightly more fun to drive
    3) looks better on the inside(and maybe the exterior, also?).
    4) slightly less costly than the Sonata.

    This looks good, and edmunds, other sites claimd the test they ran, the I-4 delivers the EPA 34MPG hwy!
    I could live with a 9.1 second 0-60, 34MPG midsized sedan, for not much more than a compact, getting maybe 32-35MPG, and even slower moving, due to gearing( 5 speeds here).
    This looks like a nice upgrade, indeed!
    Maybe by 2009-2010… when my car’s paid off a few months… and this is on it’s last year…might be the time to buy!?
    ( usually is, for hyundai and kia… they tend to “dump” their cars, 2-3K off, 1K extra if you’re a hyundai/kia owner… on top of any other deals you make.. could get a EX loaded for maybe 17K vs 20-21K).
    Hoping they decicde to drop some hybrid version in by 09-=2010(lot of rumors on the net about Hyundai Sonata hybrid by 09…)would not mind a fairly loaded up 20K car, getting 42-45MPG….).

  2. It may be bland to most people, but this is a decent, affordable, mainstream car. Ford, GM, and Chrysler could learn something. Didn’t they used to do this better than anyone?

  3. I own a 2006.5 Optima and it really has grown on me.The highway MPG is as high as 40 MPG,and consistently around 34.The 2008 looks even better,because the tail lights on mine IMO look cheap,like an old Corolla.

  4. I have 2006.5 Optima with a seat activated air bag sensor switch that is intermitent. It is going back under lemon law.
    Will the 2008 have a manual on-off switch? I love my Optima but scared as heck when my wife is in the passenger seat.

  5. I am so sick of people saying it looks like another car. They are wrong. They just have to give Kia somekind of put-down no matter what. The passenger on-off thing is easy to fix. take all of the weight off of the seat for about 15 seconds or until the “Passenger Airbag Off” light stays on consistantly then quickly sit back down. No more problems. I don’t like the “stub” antenna they put on top of it though.

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