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This looks pretty much production ready to me.
Most people already call this the 8 Series.

But why???
It is about the same size as the 7 series, and doesn’t look like a coupe, at all. So why 2 large sedans in the lineup.
At Mercedes, the “coupe like” CLS is smaller than the S Class.

Maybe this is actually the next 7 series,…. Why not.
It would be the best looking 7 series in decades.

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  1. I thought mercedes was with chrysler. if that is so, why does this bimmer look like a magnum??????? oh yes and YUK by the way!

  2. what the hell ??????

    that interior is gorgeous, but BMW would never make one so luxurious.

    But that exterior is not right. The ‘face’ looks too much like an angry, smooshed insect. I don’t get it.

  3. Has to be a 7 series. Looks better except the front end is starting to look too much like Aston Martin’s, Jags and even Maserati. They need to stay BMW original.

  4. I’ve heard that the next 7 will be more conservative than the current one, so this can’t be it.

    It could be the 8-series.

    I’m not sure.

  5. Vince, I believe you are right, if you look at the caputured pictures of the 7 series you will notice it is very similar to the spy pictures.

  6. None of these “4-door coupes” look like coupes. Not this, not the CLS, not even the Rapide. The word ‘coupe’ stands for long front door with sweeping trailing edge and b-pillar close to the c-pillar. Dropping the roof height and stretching the car does not maketh a coupe, it just makes a kind of pimped-out sedan. The only design so far that succeeds as a 4 door coupe is the RX8, because they actually kept in mind what a coupe is supposed to be.

    Aside from not being any kind of coupe, this Bimmer looks several parts Maser Quattroporte.

  7. Definately not the new 7, and most likely the CLS competitor.
    Angry looks are very true…but just like the CLS is one badass looking departure from ‘normal’ MBZ design, this is like the BMW version, more badass and not the normal BMW design.

    Can’t wait to see the production version…if they build it. I am headed to Germany for a few years (USAF), I will definately bring one back done up my way. Can’t wait!!!

    PS, see my comments in the new set of pictures posted by Vince for what I think this will be called.

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