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I do remember when the first Golf/Rabbit was pretty much a modern replacement for the old Beetle.
I have never seen a crash test of the old Beetle.
And it looks like the much more modern 1st generation Golf wasn’t much safer.

Both death traps…

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  1. The golf/rabbit in that vid was the mark 2 1983-1992 version not the mark 1 that replaced/supplamented the bettle !

  2. My uncle had a beetle, rode in it many times as a kid… I had no idea I was risking my life everytime I got into one of those things! It reminds me of a crash test I saw on TV in the early 90’s – Grand Marquis vs. Geo Metro; offset head-on at 35mph… The metro’s drivers door was pushed into the backseat, the grand marquis actually ended up inside the Geo’s cabin, scary.

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