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This IS a clay model for the production2009 Camaro.
And boy were they right when they claimed it was going to be very close to the concept…

Here is the official word on the pic:

“A full-scale production clay model of the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro starts to take shape at GM’s Warren, Michigan, Design Center, Rear Wheel Drive Performance Studio, behind GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner (center), and GM Vice-Chairmen Bob Lutz (left) and Fritz Henderson (right)”

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  1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much, at least not yet. That “design model” may not be the “finished” product. The clay model is just the production version of the Camaro for now. Styling and detailing is likely to change before a real, working prototype is built.

    GM seems really intent on reveiling as much info on their yet-to-be-released cars. Look how they previewed the CTS and the G8.

    Are they that desperate for publicity?

  2. GM = Publicity WHORES, they feel a need to always rant about upcoming products as if to keep buyers from buying anything from there competition.

  3. Hey! Guys give GM a break.
    Who else feels like this car has been out 3-5 yrs. I’m look forward to it replacement already.

  4. GM has no business hyping a limited production, specialty car like the failing Ford Mustang. The idiots in the photo better get their heads out of their arse’s soon because the new Toyota Corolla, Scion XB and XD, Honda Accord and Fit will be coming out soon. GM is going to get burried with gas at $3 a gallon and approaching $4 sometime this year. The response from the fools…a gas guzzler. Sheesh!!!

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