Mitsubishi Dalica D5

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If anything could get Mitsubishi noticed in the US, this could be it.
Sort of a tough minivan for the SUV crowd.
It seats 7 in a pretty compact package. And does looks just tough enough to stand out from the minivan crowd.

It arrives in Europe for about 21000 Euros.
That could be around $23 000.

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  1. Small point, but I think it’s
    Mitsubishi DElica D5 not DAlica.

    Do a google search, your way hit you. You get about 500+ with DE.

    Looks like it could be a good seller in this market. Looks butch, which is what most people want.

  2. Vince, I agree with you on this one – Mitsu should think outside the box, take a contrarian position, and bring this to the U.S. I like that this is an honest, practical design. The 3rd row should definitely fold flat, though – removable seating seems flimsy and primitive.

    Also, a compact, honest minivan w/ foldable 2nd + 3rd row seats could be a great urban delivery van/taxicab.

    The interior design is nice, except I’m not a big fan of Mitsu’s dashboard – I like all the gauges to flow together – the fake chrom on the gauge surrounds is distracting.

  3. dude, i’d buy it. I’d eat soccer-mom vans for lunch, not to mention smoke them on dirt rally tracks.

  4. Eugh, I hate this! Its like a Hummer minivan for the soccer mum! I know it’s not on sale in the US, but I think i’d get a Renault Espace specially imported just to avoid this thing!

  5. They wont bring it. It costs way too much to certify here and will cannibalize montero(pajero). New 7 passenger Outlander itself is going to kill 5 seat endaevour. But products like new outlander, lancer are already hits for mitsu. If they can bring delica, mitsu will become profitable and sustainable.

  6. this vehicle would save mitsubishi. it should be the only vehicle they promote here. if successful, quality and low payments, it would outsell every year that mitsubishi has had in N. America. with this model alone they could do it!The market potential is monstrous

  7. I would buy this in a heartbeat.
    Perfect all-around vehicle for our needs. What the Honda Element coulda/shoulda been. Or what VW’s reincarnation of the Microbus should’a been.

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