New BMW M3

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420hp from a 4.0 Liter V8 in what is basically the size of a compact car isn’t really my cup of tea.
But that’s just me…

At least there are no oversized spoilers around.
But these dark wheels do look pretty cheap.
I must say…

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  1. Pretty mundane for an M3, pretty disappointing. The prev gen M3 looked much more agressive and upscale. I think the standard 335i offers larger and sportier rims. a bit too conservative for a high end sports coupe.

  2. Overall balance and finesse, not sheer brawn, was the old BMW ethos. This is nothing more than a Teutonic Camaro/Mustang for rich rednecks.

  3. this is just logic speaking but there is no way that a 335i with “17” and “18” inch wheels will have larger wheels than the M3, second from this pic you cant even tell what the wheels look like they are spinning, so how can they look cheap, dark toned are just as expensive as other wheels by the way….lol

  4. “But these dark wheels do look pretty cheap.
    I must say…”

    Just so you know, we europeans think that shiny chrome flashy bling bling Lorenzo wheels are pretty crap so see, we all have different opinions!

    Over here (where the word “style” was invented – and I’m talking from Italy), black wheels are the next thing. Ever seen the latest Lambo’s?


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