Ssangyong Wz Concept

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Chinese owned Korean car maker Ssangyong is better known for their weird looking SUVs.
Sold in Asia and Europe.
As well as their old looking sedans based on previous generations Mercedes running gear.

But today, I Korea, they showed this really good looking luxury sedan concept.
I think it does look much better than the Hyundai Genesis concept.
If ever produced, it would go head to head against the Hyundai in Korea.

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  1. WOW is that the new Nissan 4 door “Z” concept for 2008 ! Simply amazing design style comming from South Korea.

  2. Vinny,

    It’s nice and all you thinking China making cars is good. But it’s actually bad
    1: More Chinese drivers = less gas for the rest of us = higher costs for everything
    2: China has the worlds worst air & water pollution (from all their industrilization)
    3: China has very low quality control (for now anyway)… wheat gluten that killed our pets…
    4: Too many people, they’ll eventually be making everything and America will be even further in debt (thanks GW you shithead)
    5: Horrible human rights record (we’re not angels, but come on!)

    I could list more. But beware of China… they’re going to bite the world in the ass and we’ll all be paying for it

  3. Wow, this is a nice surprise from Ssangyong. In addition to the odd-looking SUVs they typically produce, they have (or had—don’t know if it still exists) a really ugly “luxury” sedan that looks worse than the Kia Amanti and Hyundai XG350 and is nothing more than an amalgamation of different rehashed cheesy styling elements.

    But this thing…wow. At first I thought I was looking at a new Lexus, but this is even better looking than Lexus can muster. (Lexus cannot design front ends, period.) Hope they produce it. And that somehow it can get to N. America.

  4. It looks a little more original than the Hyundai… I’d love to see some interior pictures.

    Lexus has finally woken up when it comes to design (cars… not the new full size SUV), but the Koreans seem to be ready to try to beat them at their own game.

    Let’s hope these wonderful options keep making their way to America… nothing like choice in the market place!

  5. am I the only one who sees how misproportioned this thing is? It’s not flowing design….it sucks and looks like an infiniti from 1999

    Wz is a funny name for a car….not as bad as TRD…..but still pretty bad.

  6. It’s nice enough, but Ssangyong is the worst name for a make I’ve ever seen. Reminds me of the old joke, “how do the Chinese name their children? They drop silverware down stairs.”

    Love the frameless side windows, though.

  7. nissan, again the benchmark for all wannabe chin#$ 350z tailights and nissan lines abound….i love it

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