2008 Cadillac STS interior

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That’s right. There are 2 designs for the 2008 STS interior.

One for us, and one for the Chinese market.
Guess which one we’re getting???

(I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the one on top…)

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  1. The top one is the SLS. It’s long wheel base, competing against the 5-series long wheelbase.

    They’re equivalent to 7-series here in the US.

  2. Y’know, everybody fawns over the Chinese SLS interior, but how do we know it’s really that hot? Sure, its shape is somewhat pleasing and resembles the new SRX interior, but has it got cut ‘n’ sew? Are the materials of a high standard?

    The US STS interior may look a little old and a little undepar for the segment, but it is not that bad. Maybe we need to see it in other colours before we hoist it up the hanging pole.

    Just my $0.02.

  3. For me, it is logical: Cars in are sold too cheap in the US, and since there are so high incentives, they are even cheaper. To earn enough money, the only thing the car manufacturers can do is to build the cars cheaper. You can’t expect to get high quality cars for no money. Some years ago, I wondered why cars in the US are cheaper than in Europe. When I saw the interior of a US-market C-class and Jetta, everything was clear for me.

  4. The only real difference is that the chinese interior seems to blend away the cheapest looking parts away into the rest of the interior. For example look at the center AC vents, and even the out of place wood trim on the door.

    It also seems to have more overal style as colors even match better.

  5. The one on top is better looking, because it looks more like an Acura copying job. However, the second one is nothing but an old American truck design. Almost like an old Yukon, Escalade.

  6. Derrado:
    Yes the SLS is all cut and sew.
    There’s plenty of web sites with tons closeup pics of the SLS.
    But the SLS is priced equivalent to a US $90,000 sedan.
    It’s a 7-series.
    And it’s much better than the STS.

  7. What is GM doing? They produced pictures at the Detroit Auto Show of what was suppose to be the 2008 STS interior (which other than the steering wheel was identical to the Chinese SLS) and now they produce pics that are almost identical to the current STS interior. Why all the sudden have they gone and pulled a Ford?

  8. Think about it: GM spent more money on health insurance than steel in each car. In China, GM can skip most of worker benefits and wages, cutting all “human costs”, to invest in interior. If you want similar interior in an Amercian assemble car, expect to pay 30% more or order workers to earn 65 dollars per month.

  9. I don’t know if one looks better than the other. They look very similar to me, the differences negligible. I did recently spend a week in an 07 STS V8 in California and I was shocked, SHOCKED, at how nice it was. From past grumpy comments on this site, I expected it to be on par with a suckey Sonata or something. People are in a real GM funk lately, and rightly so. But this car is really excellent, and to suggest otherwise reflects the opinions of the uninformed. This interior is easily on par with a 5 Series though probably not quite at the A6 level in terms of design and execution… all of which I have spent plenty of time driving.

  10. yeah the sls is a more expensive car than our sts is, but there still is not excuse for the sts interior look that cheap even next to the new cts, if gm can make the cts interior look like that theres no reason the sts shouldnt be better, they must be phasing it out or something, because it got the worse interior redo of the gm stable

  11. A friend of mine sent myself,and 12 others, a graphic of a “Buick Excelle”(without the copy to the story, to see what we would say in reply e-mails).
    Everyone liked the “new” Small Buick, and wanted to know more!
    Long story short: it’s the Forenza, tweaked in looks, etc…
    for China, and seems to be selling to the youth over there?
    It made 99% of the compacts on our roads in USA, well, look “cheap”.
    No comparisons to a Corolla, Civic( well, it looked classy vs “star treky” like Civic does), beat the Corolla, Forenza, Reno(last 2 same car, basically),Focus, you name it.
    Looked like a low 20’s MSRP car( but 13-15K ,in USA dollars, in China?).
    I thought” 2007 Skylark/Skyhawk!”
    No such luck!
    If they can make a “cheap” GM-DAT car look good enough to fit into a Buick Line Up(not joking, either)….and looks like it would cost 20-23K,vs 13-15K…why not bring the other stuff here(and the Excelle?)?
    what gives?
    Chrysler is bringing out the Hornet and another car, from Chery, in late 08, or early 09(depends on afew other things preoccupying them, but should see Chery-built Chryslers soon, why not GM models from China?).
    Just like the announced the Mirc-Cars, 3 of them, vote and one with most votes woudl get built? Seems on detnews, they said GM said it was a PR exercise(something like this, not esact words)and said GM was shocked at all the votes for the Small Cars! Said they won’t build them.
    I’m surprised they are hanging in there as well as they have( guess when people get up to 4 “family/friends” discounts, like Ford, for employees, per year-correct?- they can sell lots of cars!).
    I know a guy from Ford said 4 people per year, Employee(or friend/family) discount, but for friends, etc, he has to show the dealership his “ID” that he’s a Ford worker(or soon to be Ex-Ford employee in Sept… hello Accent SE, he said!Said he won’t get to keep his 4 for 1 deals when he’s cut loose.)
    Have a good weekend one and all.

    Bring us some Excelles, and for those who can afford them Chinese versions of all cadillacs( and Chevy, and whatever else they sell in China, that looks better than the American versions).

    Here’s an idea: GM fold all operations in USA asap, move to China, and their HQ, and become a foreign company, and sell us Chinese Buicks, Chevies, etc!
    People like foreign cars,you know!
    That’s one way to get import fans into their dealerships, and lower prices, lol 😉

  12. If you want similar interior in an Amercian assemble car, expect to pay 30% more or order workers to earn 65 dollars per month.

    Then why do Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc. build their cars in the States?

  13. Everyone knows that if the STS sold here came with the Chinese interior, the whiny old broads who frequent this site would still find something about it to bellyache over.

  14. anonomous said……. expected it to be on par with a suckey Sonata or something. 7:11 PM ————————————–PS: Sorry to break this down into a Hyundai argument, only take 1 second: hate to sound negative, but I disagree with you.So did MotorWeek.org(been on tv since what, 1971, doing shalom test, braking, 0-60s, curve tests on tracks, everything tested right in front of your eyes ).The Experts picked the Sonata as their BEST FAMILY SEDAN(Civic got the small car nod for 06).——————————————————————— There you go!The minvans from Kia and Hyundai won for 07.So… drop the koolaide! it’s not 1992 anymore! 😉 jk.———————————as for GM….. no wonder their sales are not so hot in USA…If their cars looked like their overseas stuff, and they offered diesels, and the Higher HP of their small engines( like the Astra, read 0-60 in 10.5 seconds with automatic? What gives? They have turbos over there hit 0-60 in 8-8.5 seconds for the 3 door Astra, coming here as a Saturn . rahter get 29-30MPG and have fun, than 34 MPG and fall asleep trying to hit 60 next week!).Designs are better, better chocies of engines, and they only half way do it right when they bring the stuff here from Europe.Bring us the Chinese stuff,now!Chrylser will beat them to it by 5 years(well, the Equinox has a V6 Chinese built engine,but not a whole vehicle. Send it over as a knockdown kit, so UAW guys can assemble it here). Buy American 😉

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