Peugeot Paladine concept in Action

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That’s right.
For the 1st time ( as far as I know), a president has used a concept car.
Newly elected French president Sarkozy took office today. And the car he used was this this 4 door convertible concept.
I am not sure if this has become the official car of the new President, but it is still pretty cool.
(does this guy really like cars???)

A much more modern alternative to the boring looking armored Cadillac DTS President Bush is using…

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  1. Yeh but people don’t take shots at French PM the same way they take shots at American Presidents. If I were the President give me a car like the Cadillac and keep the roof up!!!

  2. Hye,
    I’m French, and I like your blog. I read it because you talk about all the cars of the world, and not only Amercian car.

    I can give your more details about this car. In fact, I earded that this car has been order by the previous President (Jacques Chirac), but as far as I know, he never used it. And yesterday, the new President (Nicolas Sarkozy) use it, but the 607 paladine has received some modification. This concept has been presented in 2000 for the “Mondial de l’automobile”. Since this date, the normal 607 has been lifted. So to be like real one, the bumpers of the paladine has been replaced by the those of the newest 607.

    That’s it. If you like I can try to give your more precision on French car.

    (I’m sorry for my english !!)

  3. Hitler and his Maybach, Mussolini and his Lancia, Bush and his Cadillac, Sarko and his Peugeot. It all fits.

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