Citroen C4 sedan

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I like the hatchback better, but this is still OK.
At least it is modern, if a bit weird.

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  1. I wonder if this is the car that might be N. American bound? A little Koreanish/VWish, but still nice.

  2. The top picture looks like a bad Chinese copy of the previous generation VW Passat. The C4 is a lot more weird that modern.

  3. The top picture reminds me of a Saturn Ion, and those taillights are just plain odd from any view.

  4. What are they smoking over there at Citroen? This car is horrible! Remember the DS, SM, and XM? Who decided that those modern and innovative cars should be replaced with these Playskool toyboxes?

  5. If this is supposed to be “modern”, I will keep the rustic look of the new Camry, Accord, Fusion, and Malibu. This car looks like someone took several “odds-n-ends” left over from the design studio floor and stuck them together to create a car.
    One thing that is a constant in the auto industry is that you can always ID the French cars. The design language is quirky (for lack of a more complimentary word).

  6. citroen should be citroen, it should not try to immitate other cars

    why don’t they revive the famous DS? It was very sophisticated during its time

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