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Could this be a new VW model, even smaller than the Polo???
Or the one that is supposed to be “real cheap”, like the old Bug?

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  1. Actually, VW already has a car smaller than the Polo, the Fox (i think it’s built in South America?). not as neat looking as this, tho.

  2. Prediction: This is the platform for the Dodge Hornet, if VW beats out Chery in negotiations to build this A-class small car.

  3. This is not the current Fox (only a 2dr hatch), and the Lupo was discontinued in 2005 (replaced by Fox), and did not look like this. A future Lupo model has been shown on other blogs, but it is not this vehicle.

  4. If this is as badly built as my best friends 2006 Jetta 2.5 five cylinder they can keep this thing.
    Parts fall of the Jetta inside & out all the time. I’ve tried to tell him he should lemon law the thing, but he won’t do it. I am glad I drive a Honda & not a VW.

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