BMW 1 Convertible

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Just an illustration.

But still . I think it’s going to look great.
I might have to start saving some mulah…..

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  1. I *knew* I was gonna be torn between the coupe & the convertible lol. That picture’s hard to argue with :-)!


    Seriously this car would be perfect if they just got rid of that silly curved lower body line – or at least made it straight. I can’t see how anyone would think that line enhances the car’s appearance.

    I fully admit the Bangle creases actually work for the Z4, it’s a good looking car, but on the 1-series they’re out of place.

  3. So the Audi A3, the VW Eros and the BMW 1 will all be targeting the Mini Cooper. Hmmm…well good think I live in Los Angeles. More options for me. I just hope they keep prices down. The worst thing about these near luxury cars is that when you go to the dealers the near in “near luxury” seems out of reach.

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