Top down!

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We now all know what the new BMW 1 coupe looks like.
So here is the convertible version, caught with its top down. Still with some camouflage on it.

A clean and slick job.

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  1. Thanks for all the coverage on the BMW 1 series Vince… seeing it from this angle, I think I’ll stick with the coupe. That upper longitudinal ridge looks much more pronounced without the roofline to distract from it. Make mine a coupe! 🙂

  2. Top down(cars) means price up….
    Vince what is with the Vampire time postings?
    Where are the Matrix/Blade pics for the US?

  3. I want to see this car in person to see how small it really is. I’m wondering if the back seat is even useful.

    This will probably appeal to women more than men.

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