Revised Toyota RAV4

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2008? 2009???
Not sure.

But that looks like an all new front end.
Plus it might finally loose the outside spare tire. (It already has in some markets)
I guess they got a clue form the best selling CRV. And others.

No engine upgrade are scheduled, unless the 2.4 Liter gets a small boost.

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  1. If Toyota wanted to they could have just shipped us the U.k. spec RaV4s.

    Vince will these be made in the U.S, like the CR-V?

  2. Looks like it also has a newly designed rear quarter window…it now curves along the rear side pillar rather than away from it.

    yeah, it might just be a hybrid version…the new front end looks much more mild and conservative rather than rugged, a design theme that toyota uses for all of its hybrid cars.

  3. Not much different from the current RAV4. Unless Toyota upgrades the crappy interior, why did they even bother?

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  5. I agree that the Toyota needs a serious interior upgrade to match that of the CR-V and I look forward to test driving the Rogue since it is one of the cars off my future car buying list.
    1. Mini Cooper S
    2. Nissan Rogue
    3. Honda Cr-V ( Japan built version -not Mexican or Ohio made).
    4. Jeep Wrangler

  6. Rogue is the one you WILL buy. 170 h.p. , paddle shifters, Murano styling AND, Built in JAPAN!….Done Deal!

  7. Outside spare MUST GO.
    Hybrid version MUST come, They got to compete with ESCAPE-hybrid (price-wise too)
    Escape is using Toyota’s first gen hybrid and all Toyota have is expensive Highlander-hybrid?

  8. Oh NO! They Subarized the RAV4 the same way the Tribeca was revised.. the triangular rear quarter is rectangulized, and the front fascia is homogenized beyond bland! Killing the external spare would be a good move too.

  9. “Rogue is the one you WILL buy. 170 h.p. , paddle shifters, Murano styling AND, Built in JAPAN!….Done Deal!”

    The Rogue will not even come close to the success that the CR-V has enjoyed in the past 10 years. Really, in this segment who cares about paddle shifters and Murano styling? Murano sales aren’t great, so people must not like the styling. The Outlander has paddle shifters, it isn’t selling at all. The Rogue has what? Six more horsepower, and nine more foot pounds of torque? Not significant.


    I agree with the above poster about improving the interior quality of the RAV. Not only is the dash hideous but the plastics aren’t up to par with some of the other offerings.


  10. I saw the Nissan Rogue, tiny compared to CR-V or Rav4. Not as versatile in terms of space, rear seats are fixed, you can’t adjust them like the CR-V. Even the Nissan salespeople said that the X-Trail was a better competitor to the CRV. I am still thinking about getting the V6 Rav4. (2008) if they add on: Push button start, bluetooth, turning signals on the mirror, detailed trip computer, LED rear lights. (all of which are on the UK Rav4), Why does N. America get the crappy versions of Honda, Toyota? Just ship us the International version which has all of the cool features.

  11. I’m in Vancouver BC, just saw a street scene advertising shoot in progress for what must have been the 2008 Rav4. Only saw it from the rear view, it looked the same, but it was most def missing the nasty rear tire mount set up.

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