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I posted a picture of this small delivery type van a few weeks ago.
Still cute.
Almost every car maker in Europe offers this type of car. I think there would be a market in the US .
Maybe not huge, but I bet quite a few people could use a small fuel efficient van for deliveries…

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  1. I like the Ford version, but any one of these vans would have a market. US marketers still think we don’t care about fuel efficiency and so don’t want to offer anything small that is not cheaper than what they sell now.

  2. How many Chevy HHR’s and Honda Element’s have been sold so far in the U.S.
    Would it be in Fiat’s interest to commit to a small market segment?

  3. Those kind (i mean..this size) of veichles are very popular into the historic centers of ours cities here in Italy.

    good for easy deliveries….less difficult to find a parking, less difficult drive into very small medieval streets

  4. Even without the euro-vans, so many companies now should just phase out the E-Series ford and use the chevy HHR panel.

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