Next Ford Fiesta?

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Could very well be.
Or the Verve concept before painting?

If it is the production model, it is really close to the concept they are showing us this month.

The next Fiesta is due in the US as well.

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  1. It looks big, or maybe just tall. Does anyone know how much smaller it is than the current US Focus?

  2. Funny. Ford says it’s too expensive to bring us the Euro Focus, but a cheaper car like the Fiesta will come. If Mazda can sell the successful 3 (which is a Euro Focus underneath), what gives Dearborn dudes? Why do you hate America so much?

  3. I am going to fling the CEO of Ford in the ear if this
    doesn’t come to the U.S.
    Vince is this based on the Mazda and will it have AWD?
    If so, I am going to get one.

  4. Based on the all new Mazda2. No AWD.
    Maybe in Japan (For the Mazda), but not in the US or Europe.

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