219mph in a Lamborghini

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On the 202 Freeway in Arizona.
That’s pretty much how I drive every day, except I don’t take freeways, so no big deal to me.

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  1. If these guys showed a close up of their plates,
    a AZ cop will hunt them down if he finds out.
    Big revenue!

  2. Well, if there was any way I could help the AZ cops find the guy and confiscate his car I’d be happy to do so. Insane act. And scary to think this guy has justified in his mind that it’s ok to do this on a public highway.

  3. They show the vehicle, the color, and a face or two. There can’t be more than 5 or 10 of those registered in AZ, so it should be easy to trace – probably an hour’s work – but someone must be getting paid off to keep it under wraps. Either that or it’s some politician’s punk-ass kid.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind personally conficating that car for a day either.

  4. these punks should ba arested period and this car looks like crap by hthe way corvette would eat that thing up anyway

  5. Not a very smart thing to do. But damn it must have been fun. Probably his daddys car anyway!!! Damn I wish my dad was rich.

  6. IMO, doing 200MPH in a car designed to go that fast, is as safe (or as reckless) as doing 65MPH in a 30yrs old un-maintained VW Bug or a beaten up old Ford Truck.

    And we now how many of these old/under maintenance cars/trucks are travelling on publich highways every single day.

    Pick your poison, I suppose…

    This would solve congestion problems for sure, no speed limit on US highways/freeways = natural selection at its best.

    I’ll just take public transportations during the first few months of this no-speed-limit law. 🙂

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