Challenger Sold out

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Dodge has already received 6000 deposits on the car.
And the 1st year production is only 5000 units.

I guess you can call that a hit.
I can imagine the mess trying to get one of these.

Reminds me of the $32 000 PT Cruisers I used to see when it came out.

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  1. Haha…I remember when the “gotta have it” crowd paid double price just to get a PT Cruiser….

  2. Do you really think this thing will be worth $40-50,000? I mean for us regular shmoes, not for the fifteen-car people with a serious case of affluenza.

    You know, I really feel bad for the people who paid $35,000+ for a PT Cruiser. It wouldn’t have been worth it. I bought my silver 2001 PT Cruiser on March 24, 2000, the day after it came out in eastern Pennsylvania, USA, after buying a red 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport and leasing a ridiculous grey 1997 Grand Voyager at the dealership.

    I paid $20,560.60. First time I’ve ever paid sticker for a car, not a penny more, not a penny less.

    I took delivery on May 19, 2000:

    …around 11 weeks wait to save the $15,000 over sticker I saw some shmoes paying. And I still got a ton of random attention for the next year, everywhere I went, just for having a PT Cruiser. I even got photographed by a local small-town daily rag when I parked next to a 1948 Chrysler Windsor. Absolutely unbelievable.

    Well, I drove the car for 90,000 miles before the mechanicals started falling apart. I put two grand into the vehicle and then sold it for less than half of what I paid. I actually ended up with another PT Cruiser, a leftover 2004 black GT Turbo that they were trying to get off the lot. I ended up leasing it for $0 down, $252/month. They really wanted to get rid of that car.

    No, it’s not going to be the next Thunderbird or Pontiac GTO, but many people are going to feel mighty stupid when they’re still driving this thing around just to prove they can afford $5.00 a gallon.

  3. Good looking car! I hope the interior looks better than the crap Chrysler has been putting in their cars lately.

  4. This thing will enjoy a flurry of sales to dummies who overpay to be first in their neighborhoods to show off their crap.

    Smart buyers will wait for the deep discounts that will surely follow.

    Back in 1970, the Challenger was a late-entry (by 5 years!), me-too POS that Chrysler offered to counter the Mustang and the Camaro.

    The Challenger was never much of a car, but it wasn’t too costly compared with most high-volume sedans, etc. I had a ’68 Charger that was a much better car.

    This new thing is bloated and overweight, decidedly over-priced, and has limited appeal.

    Making a big deal over the Challenger’s rebirth is manifestly silly.

  5. It will go the way of the PT Cruiser (convertible), Thunderbird and Crossfire in less than a decade. The Magnum is biting the dust too :(. I think so will the new Camaro. The only icon left is the truly impressive Mustang…why? the price is right.

  6. Hot car, and like anything else, the early adopters get hosed on price. Miata, Thunderbird… it isn’t ground-breaking that it happened with this car. It will be a seller, and by mid 2009, with R/T and V6 models available, they’ll be making as many as they can sell, for a lot lower price than that, and everyone who rushed out the door for one of the first will feel like a bozo.

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