Small Alfa coming up.

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With its red cover and big company logo, it’s not really a mystery, is it.

Let’s hope this comes over here once the brand makes it back into the US.
Whenever that is.

I wish I could take bets on this one….

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  1. Vince,
    Years ago I drove an Alfa that had some variant of a GM engine…. they had massaged it for the “Italian” market… it sound 10 times sweeter than anything on the US market at that time.

    Vince, I think you’d agree, that the US automakers dumb down their products for the US market and that’s a shame….

    But, Vince, let’s go deeper for a bit. The driving force in the market right now is rich WHITE people… mostly older in their 40’s. But in 20 years or so that dynamic will change to rich Hispanic people in their 30’s.. What do you think we’ll see then?

    This is what’s great about the USA… We always change, we never get stagnant…

    God bless America!!!!

    Vince, you have one of the best sites I’ve seen in a long time. I check it every day and each time, I see something new! Keep it up!!!!

  2. Reader 3:23pm,

    Watch out, Douchesbag jones will attack you
    on your comment about white people. I kind of find your a little racist about your predictions,

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