Tata to own Jaguar???

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That’s the strongest rumor so far.
Official word tomorrow.

I can’t help but feeling a bit sad for Jaguar.
For such a prestigious brand to end up in the hands of the maker of the world’s cheapest car (They are unveiling a $2500 car next month) is a bit depressing.

Nothing is sacred anymore…

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  1. Tata = pathetic

    The English govt. should not have sat on their ass
    and let this happen. The entire world is going Chinese and Indian, very sad. The English are too liberal
    and see money before national pride.

  2. The Tata Group comprises 98 operating companies in seven business sectors: information systems and communications; engineering; materials; services; energy; consumer products; and chemicals. It is one of India’s largest and most respected business conglomerates, with revenues in 2006-07 of $28.8 billion and a market capitalisation of $73.6. Tata companies together employ some 289,500 people. Making cheap cars is just a small little thing they do on the side. Read more stuff douchebag and you wont be so ignorant.
    – Mark Crenshaw, TN.

  3. What’s with the English and Indian bad-mouthing? Jag has been a 100% owned subsidiary of FORD since 1989.

    Ford did improve the reliability of Jaguars whose reputation for horrible electrical systems made even the most beautiful Jags unreliable cars.

    Ford must concentrate on returning to profitability, and diddling with the money-losing Jag/Land Rover vehicles makes no sense.

    Maybe TATA will do a better job making cars more people will be willing to buy.

  4. How pathetic. dumb americans bring out racism out in the open.

    FYI, TATA is more than a Car company.
    Tata Steel just bought British Steel. The company that
    laughed at them 100 years ago.
    Ferrari F1 team has Tata Consulting doing their electronic software.
    Do I need to go on. No, because no amount of logic
    will dissuade your racism.

    Since you don’t know that India and China is what White man was searching and stealing for 500 years. Now has the balls to complain about companies using your rules and laws to out compete you.

    how pathetic can you be. Just think 100 years ago
    White man that it was predestine to rule the world.
    Today it is just to destroy it.

  5. Tata is a multibillion dollar corporation that has been around for decades…and even after the government subsidies ended, the company has done very well in manufacturing, not to mention their prestigious consulting service industry…it’s not Tata’s fault that Ford/Jaguar has sat around wasting away the brand…and if Ford is stupid enough to get rid of Jag right when they’re coming out with good products, I don’t blame Tata for taking advantage…

  6. Guys, let’s stop the racism here. TATA has the capability of pumping cash and ability to run companies. Ford tried its best to improve the reliability and let’s see what TATA can do. It’s not about TATAs owning the brand, but ultimately what they can do for Jaguar.

    Welcome to the global economy and like someone commented above, GET USED TO IT!

  7. Gimme a break..what is this nonsense about the world going Indian and Chinese. Grow up kids! Business is a two way street..there are buyers and there are sellers. The person paying money takes the candy home..how simple is that?? Go take Econ101…I think some of you need it.

  8. Wow the bigots have come out on both sides, and why? TATA I read only wanted LR, but, ford said they came as a package? Strange, that leave ford effectively without a premium brand (lincoln long ago lost that title, and Volvo I don’t think is going there).

    Yes this is only the start, America is ON SALE. With the dollar in the toilet and foreign companies and governments flush with US dollars (all those made in china or india products we buy) US business is going to be owned by others. Buffett, Greenspan etc etc have said for years this is what would happen because of our gross trade imbalances. People better get use to it.

  9. Actually, there’s an interesting, untouched (that I’ve seen) angle to this. Ford was, if you think of the Model T, the original Tata. So, not much different except that Tata is not as far along in their evolution as a brand.

    But in the end, is it really a stretch to expect good things when the people whose forerunners built the Taj Mahal now want to build Jags? Nah.

  10. Vince – Jaguar is lucky to still be around to be sold.

    You just might be surprised with what Tata does for the brand with all of the money they have available.

    So what they have the cheapest car. Does that affect Jaguar? Absolutely not.

  11. It’s a great irony that a company from India – a former British colony – ends up in charge of both Britain’s national steel producer (Corus) and now two of its most prestigious car brands.

    However, I do have to say that the ignorance of some people about Tata’s scale and capabilities is absolutely staggering. They’re not some poorly funded Mickey Mouse outfit, but are in fact a multi-billion dollar, cash rich company with 246,000 employees worldwide and revenues of approximately $30 billion.

    The $2 billion deal to take control of Jaguar-Land Rover is almost chicken feed when compared to the $12 billion they were willing to fork out to assume control of Corus.

    So when we ask ourselves just how much money Tata has to pump into Jaguar and Land Rover, the answer is probably rather a lot.

  12. Evolutions has gone backwards… your being a bigot because you blame the white man for everything.

    China put lead in their products…
    Tata will eventually become another Jaguar…
    because corruption exists if a 3rd world country becomes powerful over night.

  13. Write 9:23pm,

    I am sure your a bigot yourself.
    Automatically, you assume I am American
    and automatically you think all Americans are racists.
    Why don’t you stop reading Columbia University press articles and face reality.
    There is no more English culture left
    if it is owned by non-English peoples. Even Vince is upset that TATA owns them. Very SAD.

  14. “They’re not some poorly funded Mickey Mouse outfit, but are in fact a multi-billion dollar, cash rich company with 246,000 employees worldwide and revenues of approximately $30 billion.”

    It is certainly a large company, that’s not the question. However, India is not a country that has a flourishing automotive industry. One could assume that there might not be a modern industrial infrastucture to support one. The reality is, what they have produced is laughable. They also have no history in manufacturing luxury products, let alone the nearly impossible task of building and marketing a competitive luxury vehicle. Also, what does Indian design look like and how thorough is their R&D? Important questions that, once answered, will determine the success of Jaguar under the TATA corporate umbrella.

  15. the brits are ok theyre on out r side jaguar shouls neverf all into the hand s of t a third world v country shame

  16. Gentlemen, Read this article on TIME and decide for yourself. Like it says “get used to it”.Link:

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