Ford Verve Concept

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The US version of the concept is very close to the one they showed at the Chinese auto show before.

Not sure if the production model will be called Verve or Fiesta.
But it is supposed to be “under” the Focus.

I like the way the Focus drives. And I even warmed up to the look of the new one. But this looks 100 times better.
And it doesn’t seem to be smaller. With a much, much nicer interior too.

So I can’t see anyone picking a Focus over this.
I guess Ford thinks the next Focus would move up market or something.

I think this will just kill the Focus.

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  1. It’s a very nice, modern looking small car. Too bad about the extreme windshield angle — it’s going to seem like a mini-van from the driver’s seat — not the best setup for a sporty driving experience IMO.

  2. Beautiful! There is no question that this would sell like crazy. It’s good to know that Fords designers aren’t all working on Trucks and SUVs.

  3. Hey, Vince. My brother in law told me this Verve is not even 146 inches in total length… abotu 12 feet, and 1+ inches long?????

    I thought the Chinese version was close to the length of the Yaris, around 169 inches in total length, or only about 7+ inches shorter than the “”new” Focus?

    So, which is it going to be? Aby idea?
    I hope they don’t just dump a sedan on us..uggh.
    A 3 door would be ok.

    IF this thing is the size of the Yaris, at least, then I would look at one… but 12 ft long?
    That’s almost 2.5 ft shorter than the current Focus!
    No. No way.

  4. Maybe the Focus is on the way out, or will get bigger soon. If they can build these at low cost, why not?

  5. Make it Accent/Yaris/Rio sized cars, and there may be a possibility I would drive one.
    Anything smaller-to me- is just unsafe around here, especially when getting hit by an F-150, or something larger.
    Even the new Astra 3 door is what, the size of the Accent, and the 5 door is not too much smaller than a Corolla.
    It’s slightly larger than a Versa, smaller than a Corolla… good sized 5 door.
    Ford needs to pay attention to this, and if need be(for better MPG, just like they are now using in the 08 Focus), use a Mazda 4 cylinder(design).
    A car with 122HP(Yaris) can ge what, Mid-30’s MPG with CVT?
    A useful “small” car.. even like the even the VW Rabbit in size, would beat (this)a go-kart in highway traffic going 70 MPH.

    I would take 36-38MPG, smaller car( maybe Suzuki CUV SX4 size)….and 130HP-140HP.
    That would raise their CAFE, and maybe make the thing 0-60 of what, 10 seconds, or less?
    Add 5 doors for the best of both worlds: a hatch and sedan, for ease of use and hauling stuff, w/o looking like a CUV/SUV/Station Wagon.

  6. Mark Fields lives in a field of dreams soon to become nightmares…..what a geeky, mullet wearing freak!

  7. Way too cool looking to be a Ford Fiesta.
    They already said they were donna slap some sorry corporate grille on it.
    On sale in less than a year elsewhere, but will be 3 years before we get it.
    Good job, Ford!

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