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Liek everyone is saying, it looks heavy and a bit bloated because they are using the same rear doors as the sedan version.
And they are doing that because they don’t have the money to spend on what it takes to make the car look really good.
And they don’t have the money because they don’t have cars that many people want to buy.
And they don’t sell many cars because their cars don’t look that great etc……..

Here is the earlier concept they teased us with.
Now, THAT looks great.
It would sell more, make more money for them etc…..

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  1. and they have the worse paint in the market. I put a bra to my lancer 2008 one month ago and the paint looks without shine. every time I wash my car Im scare because with small rocks or dust can leave damage in the paint like when somebody scratch the paint with a key. to complete one very small stone hit the hood of my new lancer and leave a hole, because the sheet metal is so thin. and the paint is so thin too it was removed. another problem is the sound of my lancer gts. the engine sound like it want to cry every time who acelerate the car. but the new 2009 gts have new engine at least. it is 2.4 and not 2.0, the ralliart 2009 have a 2.0 turbo

  2. I actually really like the way this car looks. It’s different, and not in a bad way. It’s got style. Which is pretty much the angle they have to try to play to differentiate themselves as a brand.

  3. The concept does look way better, but I’ve got to wonder if the rear seats would actually be usable due to headroom – probably not by the looks of it.

    I don’t think they could cut much rear headroom from the frame and still have it be practical. So while the lumpier production model hatch may be the result of cost savings it’s also probably a practicality issue.

  4. i think it looks crap, indeed the original concept was incredible and they have ruined it completely

  5. Lets crash teast the head to head two ugly Hatches from Subaru and Mitsubishi and see what one looks ugliest.

  6. ask any ww2 war vet if they remember mistubichi this is sick they even have the guts to try and sell ars over here

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