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This looks almost production ready to me.
I say the more small coupes the better. I like the Civic coupe a lot, and this looks like a cheaper alternative. And it looks great.
An inexpensive coupe is a great idea to get young buyers into their first new car.
It’s pretty much what Hyundai was going for with the Scoupe years (and years) ago.

let’s hope this makes it into production without too many changes….

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  1. Kind of reminds me of the old Toyota Paseo, especially in the second picture. Not bad though for an inexpensive car.

  2. What a wicked looking little car! The exterior looks a bit too much like a Civic on steroids, though.

  3. Looks like a cross between a civic coupe and an acura RSX. Oh and the Optima’s front end looks like a Acura TSX (and the old one looked like an Infiniti Q45) Big ups to the second most derivitive cars in the world, behind china.

  4. It does have that Paseo crossed with a RSX look to it, in a good way. All they need now is a peppy four cylinder and this thing is a winner.

  5. it looks like a smoother, more cohesive civic in the front and a way more attractive version of the RSX in the back. derivative but sleek, sporty and modern.

  6. Another weak/childlike design out of asia. Maybe if they stop watching their Pokemon cartoons….

  7. So, that’s the spectra coupe, if you remember the spectra spyshots. And that interior is somthing between the Ceed’s and the i-30/Elantra’s. So i guess the Spectra will share its dashboard with one of these.


  8. Kia and Hyundai, the biggest CHEATS, cannot make anything original; the biggest duplicate company in the Auto industry.

  9. The interior is pretty much the same as the future KIA Spectra. Check previous posts. The headlights also seem to give a clue of how Kia Spectra is gonna look

  10. That’s what a TSX should hav looked like. Where in the world did Honda pick their designers from?

    Vince, don’t you think it’s about time Honda gets a new head boss? this guy Tokio Fukui or what ever they call him has been nothing, but a disaster to me.

  11. Spectra HATCH four-door PLEEEASE!
    thank you. this is very cute and sharp, with what looks like the Ceed interior, but two-door couples aren’t practical enough for a lot of us…

  12. Total Civic rip-off inside and out, but whatever… I agree Vince, the more small coupes the better, and for Kia, this is a huge improvement over their typical non-descript styling. It’s a very good looking little car, and unlike the Scoupe, is something a guy might actually be able to drive without offering an apology to everyone who sees him in it.

  13. Total Civic rip-off inside and out, but whatever…

    I’d love to know why you think this interior is a Civic rip-off, because the two have nothing in common other than maybe a steering wheel.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Kia has Not has a Spectra hatch, ever….on forums too), one guy from Europe is saying this is a 3 door hatch, for USA? If it’s a 2 door with trunk, why bother? A car with a tunk, 2 or 4 doors, is still a car with limited hauling capabilities, vs a 3 or 5 door hatchback.

    Knowing Kia, they’ll make it a 2 door “coupe”(sedan, I call it).

    Won’t be out until 2010, supposedly…. rumors of 290 HP, too.
    At least for the show car in NY.

    One other problem..Kia dealerships are far (and few)…. closest one I know of is 60 miles one way(not fun if you have warranty issues needing work done).
    One closed(it was 40 miles away) due to lack of business, same for Hyundai(in an area called Trotwood, Ohio… some call it “Dayton”).

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