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Here we can clearly see the glass roof over the front seats.

The more I see this car the more I love it.
It is a piece of modern art on wheels.

Let’s just hope this is it.
By the time it comes out, gas will be way over $4 a gallon, and I really think this could be a huge hit for Nissan.

They will finally have their New Beetle/PT Cruiser/Mini….

Sign me up.

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  1. I think it looks goofy and it has been proven that people do not want vehicles that are “too” unique, take Scion for example. Everything other than the tC is not selling.

  2. Scion April 2008 Sales:
    xB 4220
    tC 4119
    xD 2913

    The Cube and Scion vehicles are nitche vehicles. These are designed to attract young buyers to a brand, not to compete against mainstream family sedans.

  3. Plus the original Scion xB was a huge hit. It’s the bigger, more conventional one that is the flop.

  4. i love the sculpting around the windows and the wraparound rear glass. i’m not so hot on the wheels, though. I’d need to see the front and rear before making a final decision on this, though. So for now, the Kia Soul would be my pick in the small, upright wagon niche.

  5. I don’t know about the Soul, I like Nissans to be honest and I think the window (that goes up and down
    in the rear passenger area) should have molding that goes up and down as found in more conventional SUVs. but I will wait for more pics…

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