Hyundai Genesis sedan pricing

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$33 000 for the 290hp V6.

Not a bad price, but I though they actually wanted to start at under $30 000. I guess not….
For that price you get the 3.8 Liter V6 (rated at 18/28 mpg), 17 inch wheels, heated leather seats etc…

For $38 000, you get the 4.6 Liter V8 with 375hp (rated at 17/25 mpg).
That also gets you 18 inch wheels, more chrome outside (just to make sure people know you have more money), leather dash, sunroof, memory seats/steering wheel, premium sound system etc…

I wonder if all that good stuff is available on the V6.
With $4 a gallon gas, I really don’t thing anyone in their right mind would consider the V8.
290hp is more than enough for anyone driving that kind of car.

We’ll see how many people want to spend that kind of money and don’t car at all about the car’s image.

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  1. Was’nt there going to be a smaller v6 available and with that engine the base price would be under $30k?

    I believe the 290hp v6 will be the big seller.

    GENESIS….I WANT IT!”-crazy Klingon from Star Trek 3 Search for Spock.

    Alright, alright…I’m done embarrassing myself.

  2. Vince, the word genesis literally means ‘rebirth’ but in this case it will be the exact opposite for Hyundai. A lot of companies got caught with their pants down and never saw this gas crunch coming. The perfect vehicle for the masses will be a platform that offers the most space for passengers and cargo while being very economical at the same time! The new Nissan Cube will be the shape of things to come! Large 4 door sedans with thirsty engines and small trunks will fade away as fast as Beanie Babies did.

  3. I thought there will be the 3.3 V6 for us to choose….if they can push down the price below 30k, people will consider it, if not, good luck.

  4. I think those asking prices are a little TOO high. And to think….this is even without dealer markup. I think the base price for the V6 should have been $29,995. The V-8’s price is about on par though. I hope it does well. I know it will be the BEST deal on used car lots when the fad shifts. A two year old Genesis V8 would probably go for 25,000-28,000, which would be AMAZING.

  5. This maybe a bargin because of the features, however it seems quite expensive for Hyundai’s first attempt…

    Even Lexus LS400 from 1990 was priced substantially lower than competition at the time.

    Like most have said, $38,000 for a car the size of a Malibu, NO THANKS!!!
    There are better choices out there for about the same amount of money.

  6. more chrome outside (just to make sure people know you have more money)

    Detroit invented the concept of more chrome to make sure people know you spent more money, not necessarily that you have more.

  7. “We’ll see how many people want to spend that kind of money and don’t car at all about the car’s image.”

    Reminds me of the first Acura Legend and Lexus LS. Bland but good.

  8. It’s not a bad vehicle, and Hyundai can compare it to a 7 series all day, but at that price it is in the middle of very good and quite desirable near-lux competition from Lexus, Infiniti, Caddie, and even the 3 series. I think these prices are maybe 4k too high.

  9. Very nice car – a major step up for Hyundai. I have been thinking about this but now with the gas situation the rules are changing. You are right, no one in their right mind would want the V8 – the six is sufficient. I do hope that Hyundai will offer the upgraded stereo system on the V6. I also hope that Hyundai doesn’t get to crazy with pricing – It is no longer worth spending extra for any car now that we are in this gas crisis – and life as we knew it will not be the same. My $44K volvo XC doesn’t mean much anymore – I’ll take economy over luxury. Oh well,…

  10. this is the beginning of the end for hyundai, they are spending a ton of cash to convince you that they can sell expensive cars, wake up call, the big suv, whatever it’s called is not selling. Why? the same reason this won’t, if it’s close in price to a real car, Nissan, mazda etc… they sheep buy the real car. No one , i repeat, no one wants to work hard and put that hard earned cash into korean stuff. junk is junk, and while they are sleeping in this dream world, the japs are recapturing the small car segment that they used to own and let korea have it. now, they are reclaiming it.

  11. quality has no bearing on this cars success, it could be the best car in the world and no one will buy it. Why? it’s all about image at this level, no one that is successful shows that by pulling up in a hyundai. Same reason the big VW Phaeton was scrapped . Good big car but still a VW nameplate. Society dictates success and Hyundai is not associated with that. It’s considered now and always will be a cheap alternative to a Jap car. They are making a HUGE mistake venturing this side of pricey.

  12. A luxury car from a non-luxury car maker is always a failure.
    In Europe, Ford and Opel gave it up a long time ago.
    Peugeot and Renault are still trying. And are still not successful.

    It doesn’t matter how good the car is.
    At a certain price, more than half of the purchase decision is based on image.
    A big Opel for the price of a BMW, no thanks.
    A big VW for the price on an S Class, no thanks.

    Not only Hyundai doesn’t have the right image. They have the opposite one.
    They are still only known for making cheap cars.

    Honda and Toyota were very smart in creating Acura and Lexus for the US market.
    A $35 000 Toyota LS would not have worked as well as a Lexus. And Toyota’s image at that time was already much better than Hyundai.
    I don’t think Hyundai could get away with creating a second brand either.

    Like someone else said, this will be the best used car on the market.
    Or they might move some new ones with a $299 lease on a loaded V6.

  13. Even though it is pretty rough around the edges, the $20k Sonata was impressive because it suddenly made an attractive, decently optioned midsized sedan affordable to a lot of people. At $20k, people can’t afford to be picky about the badge. But, at over $33k, people are a lot more critical of the badge on the trunk. And at this price, there are a lot of options available that are more impressive than a Hyundai. This car is a threat to Buick and the Avalon, which isn’t insignificant at all. But few real upscale buyers are going to want a Hyundai in their garage.

  14. Vince what you jest said reminds me of the Mazda Mellenia. Except that was mean for Mazda’s stillborn luxury brand Amati (Hmm is there a coincidence that the high end Kia in the USA uses the same name?) Anyway the car was already developed and they tried to sell it anyway as a Mazda. Emphasis on try, although the miller cycle engine seems to have a cult following.

  15. I had a Scion tC, a Hyundai Sonata and now a Civic Si. All were 2006s.

    Not only would I buy another Hyundai, I know that people that own Hyundais would buy more. Hyundai doesn’t have a problem with image with the customers it already has. They all KNOW Hyundais are better than some people think.

    Also, if you own a Hyundai, you know that not that many people think your car is crap. Really, only people who you wouldn’t care about their opinion anyway. Everyone that rode in my Sonata was amazed by how nice it was — and how nice the interior was — and that was on the 2006!!!

    Hyundai builds nice looking cars with high quality and high performance with prices that still undercut the competition. The reality is that a V6 Accord goes for about $32,000 and is not comparable to the V6 Genesis for $33,000. If you want an Accord instead of a Genesis, that’s your choice, but a lot of people will prefer the Genesis, whether you want to believe so or not.

    Keep it up, Vince!
    I wanna see you test drive the 2009 Sonata Limited with the four cylinder and the 2009 Genesis Coupe 2.0T and then we’ll see what people have to say about Hyundai!

    The resale isn’t even bad anymore — check on it. A Santa Fe has the same resale as as CR-V according to ALG.

  16. 3.2/3.3 v6 will be under 30k. considering ammenities as heated leather seating is “standard”, 33k is a great price point (undercuts the current value leader, nissan maxima).

    personally, the 38k will be the better value, especially considering a getrag transmission (vs. the aisin unit on the 6’s).

  17. People are complaining about the price of the Genesis in my opinion it is great value it cost 10-20k less than the vehicles that it competes with.

    I’m waiting to buy a CPO 2009 Genesis V8 or 2010 V6 in 2012.

  18. Thanks from Japan said…

    No one , i repeat, no one wants to work hard and put that hard earned cash into korean stuff.

    That’s funny, I see them buy plenty of Samsung and LG phones, refrigerators, and TVs.

    By the way, folks, I think image becomes an object at $40K. This isn’t the 90s anymore. Plenty of mainstream vehicles are priced in the 30s, most all of which are big cars.

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