Audi A7 Convertible

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From Auto Express we get these illustrations of what the new “4 door coupe” from Audi could look like.
And it seems a convertible version is in the works as well.
This would be quite an amazing engineering feast if it really looked like that…

I just don’t think so…

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  1. I usually don’t like the Audi front end due to the way the grill overlaps the front bumper.

    However, this looks amazing with that thick chrome bezel.

    It’s a really beautiful car – I hope they build it.

  2. Look at the trunk opening on that thing. It’s so small you couldn’t get the obligatory dead body inside.

  3. Am I reading you right? another impractical car from the German 🙁
    but I guess if you had lots of money and not sure what to do with it, this car is for you but it will hard to put in a set of golf clubs in a trunk opening like that!

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