Honda Freed

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Carrying at least 6 with a 1.5 Liter engine and 118hp.
Available AWD and CVT.

Is the US ready for this?
I don’t think so. But gas prices keep going up so who knows.

Should Honda bring this one over?
What do you think?

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  1. The US can handle this.

    The high cost of fuel will overcome any embarrassment of being seen in the bigger Fit.

    I’m looking at a Fit for me next car (or any of the others in the same size class hitting the roads in the next year or two). This would be on my list of test drives.

  2. definitely bring this over. i know it looks a little odd, but would be distinctive and efficient, and has that great Fit packaging

  3. Why not? The Odessey is expensive and this might be a reasonable alternative for those who want Honda quality for less money. A possible Mazda5 competitor.

  4. The recent run-up in gas prices has totally changed the game in the U.S. This may now attract some buyers. I would be curiouse to see how many more Mazda 5’s or Kia Rondo’s have been sold in the last month compared to a year ago.
    What ever happens Honda still needs to work on its designs.

  5. But it is soooooo UGLY. Why can’t they make a small, fuel efficient auto that is elegant and simple for us gals and not garish and pinched.

  6. Good luck getting 6 average sized American uphill in this thing. Also rear bumper setup looks odd and $$ to fix since the tailgate is the bumper looks like.

  7. I see the rear windows come with factory tints to prevent passenger embarrassment from being seen in it.

  8. With fuel rising the way it is you better get used to these toasters on wheels on american roads…

  9. It does have a rather spacious seating arrangment in the rear.
    Mind you just about all small cars do these days.

  10. What about the Stream? I thought that was slated for the U.S. Make that available in a 6-seater like in Japan. It’s MUCH better looking.

  11. Vince, Honda has plans to introduce a new Accord based crossover called the ‘Lattitude’ that will fit between the CR-V and the Pilot and will be available with the same 4 and 6 cylinder choices found on the new Accord. It will compete directly with the Toyota Venza a tall wagon with the option of all wheel drive. It will be ready in late Spring 2009, the same time the Element will cease production and will be built at East Liberty, OH.

  12. That is BUTT UGLY!!! Take a look at the Mazda5 and compare the looks of the two vans! This Honda makes the Mazda5 look like a sports car! Honda hasn’t released a good looking car since the current CIVIC was introduced (Accord Coupe is a possible exception). What happened to those designers that are responsible for the CIVIC? Were they given any more design projects? I see no resemblance in this van with the perfectly designed CIVIC! BTW! The USA needs the CIVIC Hatch back on our shores!!!!!!! Looking forward to the CRZ!!!

  13. The only thing uglier than the outside of the Honda Freed is the inside. That has to be on of the ghastliest looking interiors ever.

  14. Who is the idiot at Honda (and Toyota) that thinks those clown-ass protruding headlights are an attractive design element? Sheesh.

  15. mazda 5 does all this stuff and it’s pretty. this thing is the honda equivalent of the hunchback of notre dame

  16. The lack of a back bumper in this design would most likely indicate that this is not intended for the North American market. Honda still has plans though to bring 2 all new platforms to the states. The first is the Lattitude Crossover and the second is the CR-X sports coupe.

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