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Looks like they tried to turn the Outlook dash into a Malibu.
But it doesn’t quite seem to work.
The Malibu interior looks great. This seems just OK.

If the rumors about the new engine’s 27mpg on the highway are true, this is really good. And better than the new Flex.
But the Flex is much more original looking. The Traverse looks like other millions SUV/Crossovers on the road.

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  1. 27mpg highway? not a chance. Direct injection helps power and not much fuel economy. It might do 1 mpg better.

  2. Vince, how can you not like that interior bette than the Flex? And to the poster above, do you know what last year’s Lambda platform mates got for milage? 24 hwy so a three mpg gain is not a stretch! Even at 24, that’s pretty impressive considering how large they are! Some family’s still need large vehicles.

  3. I don’t get the distaste here for the Traverse. It looks very good and I undertand will be the “low price leader” among the lambdas, which are very very good vehicles.

    People can mope all day about the MPG on this or the Flex, but the reality is they do just as good if not better than an Infiniti G35 or something like that and MUCH better than a Honda smElement, only they are many times more practical. I may not need the space, but others do and kudos to companies like GM and Ford for offering good vehicles at reasonable prices that most people can afford.

  4. Enquiring minds want to know: How’re the leg and foot room in the third row? The early shots made it look like there was less room there than in the third row of my Gen-1 XL-7…

    Great car page, Burlapp.

  5. Remember, we’re talking EPA numbers here.

    The new EPA standards are fairly realistic when it comes to the highway numbers. Its the city mileage where they fall flat on their face.

    Of course mileage also depends on the driver. I’ve found that my wife can get 33mpg out of her HHR during highway driving but normally that goes down to 27mpg when I’m driving, unless I’m actually trying to save gas…

    As for the Traverse’s interior I think it looks pretty nice. It looks like they didn’t want it to be as nice as the Acadia or Envoy but it is at least as good as the Outlook’s. But Vince is right, it looks just OK when you compare it with the Malibu. That car’s interior is simply stunning!

  6. Some family’s still need large vehicles.

    Very few. Most just think they need one. These land yachts clog our roads with one person driving them the majority of the time. It’s called conspicuous consumption, and it’s a plague.

  7. They could squeeze 3 MPG highway out of this thing because direct injection adds low-end torque. 27 MPG at 60 MPH where the engine is turning 1500 RPM…Maybe. It also depends on fuel pressure, atomizing the gasoline for better burn.

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