2009 Toyota Yaris

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Now official, the US does get the 5 door version.

But that “sporty” package looks pretty assy.
And where’s the sunroof???

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  1. the spoilers DO look pretty stupid. the RS trim level in Canada looks a little more subtle than this (alloys, skirts, spoiler)

  2. hahaha i cant believe this is news to you americans!!! here in (smarter) canada weve had the 5 door yaris since it was introduced.

  3. I live in Canada and drive a 5dr Yaris. I hated it at first because I thought it was really “dorky”. I bought it merely because it was the best financial choice. Now that I’ve owned it for a while I love it and I think it’s funky and fun, and with gas hovering around 6 bucks a gallon in Vancouver I get about an extra 400km for every $100 I put in as opposed to my old 626. That’s a lot of savings when you drive about 40,000km a year. Skeptics be damned, The 5dr Yaris rocks!

  4. Spoilers are ALWAYS stupid on a car driven on highways.

    Spoilers do no good at speeds under 125 MPH according to one test in an auto magazine a number of years ago.

    The only purpose of a spoiler on an economy car is too make its owner look like a fool for wasting his money.

  5. ‘childish people’….. you are clearly an ignorant american…. what are you driving, a ford excursion? have fun at the pumps!

  6. Good peppy little car. Drove one as a rental for a while.
    If i was in the market, i would more than likely get one of these.

  7. Hey, it (the Yaris, not the sport package, which is indeed assy) serves a purpose for people who need not only a cheap car, but a small cheap car that’s fairly efficient with modern technology and safety features, which are all covered by a warranty. If you live in a more congested area, a tiny car like the Fit or Yaris can do pretty much everything a Camry or Accord can do with a smaller footprint and a few more MPGs, not to mention they’re easier to maneuver.

  8. I think the sporty appearance package on the five door Yaris looks okay. Yes, it does turn the car in to a bit of a poser (ie, the sporty model will perform no differently from the blander looking base model), but a lot of car manufacturers have committed crimes far worse than this. Ideally, Toyota should offer a horsepower increase and suspension upgrades to go along with the more aggressive appearance. However, I’m sure Toyota will find a lot of customers who are willing to pay a little extra for a car that looks sportier without actually being sportier.

  9. Hmm… I think that these are less-than-attarctive, but still incredibly economical. But, if I needed a no-frills commuter, it would be a Honda Fit.

    Oh, and “assy” is the most horrible adjective ever.

  10. A friend of mine in New Zealand works at a toyota dealership and they are just about to release a variant of the 5 door hatch yaris with the 1.8 engine out of the corolla in it.
    So there might be a possibility the american yaris may have the same option.

  11. …and where’s the sunroof???…

    how about the leather, room for 2seven, capacity to tow the boat, atvs, etc….

    oh, wait, thats how the suv evolved.

    cars such as the yaris should simplify the purpose of a car, as a means to get from point a to b.

    problem is the country club crowd gets a hold of them and the next thing you see is a leather trimmed, sunroof/gps/every power-consuming device thought possible thing you could imagine $40k smart fortwo (as seen recently where i live).

  12. I think the Yaris sedan looks good but I doubt I could get used to having the instrument cluster in the middle of the dash.

  13. Thanks for the info.’ Vince!

    I like the five-door liftback, but that ‘whale tail’ of a spoiler has got to go–yuck! The front and rear spoilers also look hideous. Couldn’t Toyota have given the U.S. version the tasteful side skirting of the Canadian model? Canada’s version looks terrific!

    Bet this scooter looks best in plain trim without the silly add-ons. Still, can’t wait to see it up close and soon!

  14. Bye bye Scion xD.. adding the 5-door Yaris will undercut the similarly-sized xD by several thousand dollars.. and the Yaris looks better! I could live with the smaller engine (1.5 vs 1.8) since the economy will be far better too!

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