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It seems that Toyota has decided not to replace the Lexus SC.

I’ve always liked this car, but it looks like they’re now just selling fewer and fewer every year.
That’s probably because the car is old news. I don’t see Mercedes having that much problems selling the SL. Or Jaguar selling the XK.
Cars do need to be redesigned once in a while…

They are also thinking of replacing the next Avalon with a long wheelbase option for the next Camry.
That seems a bit weird. But it might work.

Who knows….

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  1. I think once the new Supra is available, Lexus will have their own version with the luxury touches all on to its own. Speculation all suggests that it will sport a hardtop convertible like the SC before it.

    It would be wise to dump the Avalon and have the Crown take its place.

  2. Good move on their part. My problem with the SC430 was that you would have to be a quadruple amputee to fit in the backseat. It might as well have been a roadster, heh. Hopefully Toyota/Lexus will be coming out with a hardtop convertible replacement.

    While we’re on the topic of Toyota convertibles, some friends of mine at TMMK in Georgetown, Kentucky got confirmation that even though the Solara coupe has been out of production, the convertible will still be in production until 2011 due to increased demand for Solara convertibles.

  3. finally, the sc is dead-
    how many other 2008 MY cars do you know that still have a cassette player equipped audio system? the car is painfully outdated and outclassed.
    good thing that the Lexus is bringing out the convertible version of the IS soon.

  4. when your 4.3 liter v8 engine is barely making more hp than v6 accord and camry i think you DO need a re-design.

    other than that, the SC’s a fine looking machine even to this day, but it is way too overpriced for what it offers. they should stick the lexus IS v6 in it and price it more in-line with z4 and slk.

  5. good decision to kill the SC.

    the ugliest expensive convertible on the market… only retired citizens can drive this in style… LOL…

  6. It lasted and stood the test of time quite well seeing how it was released way back in 2001.
    Maybe toyota can forsee that the market in this division may take a nose dive.

  7. A car needs more than a great audio system for it to be worth nearly 70k. The exterior looks like a $35,000 car. Could it be that people are tired of Toyota’s blandness?

  8. The thought of an Avalon as a LW Camry is new? HAHA….they are so cheap that they are just going to make them look idendical now?!

  9. Is still sold fairly well and was popular. They will probably become collectors items in the future.

  10. Of course the SC was bound to die soon. The thing is like 10 years old, although it was innovative in its time (wasn’t it one of the first convertibles with a retractable hardtop?). But I think Lexus will make a convertible version of the long-awaited LF-A in the future, so it will have a substitute

  11. Good riddance. The original SC was far better looking than this thing, which looks like a lima bean.

  12. Good riddance! From the day it was introduced I thought it was ungainly. It’s as if the engineers dictated how much space had to be taken to accomodate the retractable hardtop and they stylists were given the task of “designing” around that. They failed miserably- the trunk looks bloated, the tailights are indistinct and the wheels and tires always looked too small for the fat fenders. So long, ugly!

  13. they should drop the whole lineup, it’s a sellout….junk is sludge junk. they dropped tercel name, corona name, I really hate this dirty company, fake green B.S!

  14. An idea as ridiculous as a LWB Camry-badged car would work simply because people eat up all things camry.

    I presonally would prefer that Toyota goes with a next-generation Crown actually long enough to be relevant in NA, AUS and markets like those.

    But we know they won’t, fearing its rear-drive will step on Lexus sales.

  15. Yeah like most who buy this car are too old to drive now. Time to make a youger more sporty coupe like a new Supra.

  16. This car has never really been any real competition since it was launched. It’s pretty insignificant when viewed side-by-side against the SL, the CLK, an Audi Cabrio, any BMW ultimate tan machine or the Caddy XLR. In terms of engineering and style, it’s on par with the Sebring convertible. For $65-large it looks really chintzy, and it’s no wonder why I never see any around. It makes sense that Toyota is killing it.

  17. “i hate toyotas” says drop the whole line up.
    very immature. Sounds like he is jelous that his favored brands are not doing as well.

  18. Lexus already plans to sell the LF-A in this price range (or likely much higher), so there is no place in the lineup for the SC. But the rumored hardtop convertible version of the IS could pick up that moniker easily, at a much more reasonable price point.

  19. Drop the SC430? Good idea. Drop the Avalon and replace it with a LWB version of the Camry? BRILLIANT IDEA!! Just think about it. If you were Toyota and wanted the Camry to remain the number one selling car in the U.S. – what better idea than to add ALL of those Avalon sales TO the number of Camry’s sold. Now if I was Honda – I’d drop the CIVIC and create a SWB version of the ACCORD!! Hehe!! Yes!! YES!! YESSSS!!! lol Craig!! :o)

  20. Maybe if the next Camry range were really Crowns while we speculate and half-joke here.

    And isn’t the TSX already the SWB Accord?

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