Next “Japan only” Honda Odyssey in the US?

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Honda seems to have plans to sell us the next version over here.
They are actually thinking about importing a bunch of cars here that they were previously only selling in Japan.
Through both Honda and Acura.

Which JDM Honda would you like to see in the US???

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  1. I think the civic hatch should be considered. Nothing else really because the rest of Honda’s lineup looks like crap U.S. Spec or JDM doesnt matter.

  2. Looking at the Japanese site, the Odyssey seems like a van/wagon version of the Civic, so I can only imagine they’ll follow the same formula and bring that here…

    Anyway if they do import these vehicles, I’d love to see the Crossroad brought over. What a neat little SUV. I could also see them bringing over the Edix or the Freed to compete with Scion, but I really like the idea of a successor to the Fit sedan (City) which had been posted here a while ago.

    That the the Civic Type-R. Euro hatch and Japanese sedan versions, both. That would be sweet.


  3. why does honda still sell the element when it produces the much better looking crossroad?

    anyway, kei cars would never be legal in the states, but if they were honda should bring over the zest as it’s arguably the best car in its class.

    if toyota would import the sleek estima, honda should bring us its elysion. the airwave would be an excellent competitor for a camry wagon (a la venza)

    but to keep costs down, honda should import the crossroad and give us the grille from the jdm accord for our bucktoothed tsx

  4. i still wonder that so many major manufacturers are only NOW considering this idea. this has been coming for a very long time, and smells a little like too little, maybe too late.
    at any rate, count my vote for the civic hatch (very cool, and nothing like any of its competitors), and some smaller clever wagons.

  5. I would like to see the Freed, Zest, Stepwgn, Life and Crossroad. Especiall the Zest. It would slot perfectly under the Fit and the Crossroad would make a nice Element replacement.

  6. Vince, It really is a no brainer for Honda to import 3 of their Asian models. The new Zest and Zest Sport will compete nicely with the Nissan Cube and Scion xB. The Honda Freed would compete very well with the Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo Mini Vans with great room and good mileage. The last model to import would be the Airwave full size Accord based wagon. Wagons and hatchbacks are very popular these days, since they handle more like sedans and give you the extra cargo room needed for small families.

  7. Everyone who is commenting on the Crossroad knows nothing about it.

    While it is a fantastic vehicle it is a THREE ROW vehicle that is smaller than any SUV currently sold here, hence, it is too small. That is why it is not sold here. END OF STORY.

    I think they should have brought the JDM Civic Type-R here instead of selling the Mugen Civic, the sales numbers would have been much higher. I’d also like to see the Oddessy here as well.

  8. 4:24 your wrong. The Venza is a Crysler Pacifica sized vehicle that won’t get the greatest mpg. We need a true 4 cyl. wagon that gets 30+ mpg like in the 1990’s

  9. I found the previous Japanese Odyssey sexy as I do this one. Bring it over here yesterday. Only snag is it might piss off soccer moms.

    Other than that, ditto the Civic hatch. There should never *not* be a Civic hatch in North America.

    And how can kei cars not find their way here when we finally have the Smart? The door is open.

  10. Too small. It might work well in Europe and Japan but not in America (even with high gas price). People wants minivans because of their roominess and cargo capability. The first gen Ody and Sienna and Mazda MPV didn’t do well here. And swinging doors!? That is like CUV and not minivan convenience.

  11. kei cars have completely different safety regulations. for instance, there is basically no rear bumper in the honda zest, a relatively simple fix but something cost prohibitive for many japanese automakers. besides, most americans would feel vulnerable in such a smal automobile

  12. I agree that the Honda Stream should be in the US NOW competing with Mazda5 and Kia Rondo.. and the Civic 5-door-disguised-as-a-3-door-hatch should have been here from day one. The JDM Accord wagon should come over too (but of course it would be the Acura TSX). I’m not sure how I feel about the new JDM Odyssey pictured.. the current one is far more attractive, but perhaps they made the new one bigger so they could rebadge it as an Accord wagon for the US?

  13. 9:33pm.. you are a little off on your comparisons.. the new Honda Zest is a nice little car, but WAY smaller than the Cube and xB you are comparing it to.. it’s even smaller than the Fit! And the Airwave is not an Accord-based wagon, it is actually a stretched Fit!

  14. anything better than the crap they sell over here. If the Fit is any indication, they are unfit for this Market….junk is junk!

  15. First of all, I’d like the Odyssey (which isn’t Japan-only, they sell it in Australia as well btw). Second of all, the Freed, then the Airwave and Stream, and if they could justify it, the Elysion-it’s SO cool. The Civic Type-R would be a good idea, (maybe a Fit Type-R too?). After that,
    I’d like to see an Acura TSX wagon, which would be easy cheese to put together, as it already exists as the new (Euro) Accord wagon.

  16. I would love to see Honda or Toyota bring back thier Accord or Camry wagon. People still want the room of a SUV, but the mpg of 4 cyl. imports. Here is an awsome pic from the japanese web sight all, they were very popular in the 1990’s!!!

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