Toyota iQ in black

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The interior seems more conventional than the Smart.
And it is much wider too.

I really hope they have enough guts to send this over here as a Scion.

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  1. I prefer they have the guts to send it here as a Toyota. Scion is such a pathetic, manufactured brand.

  2. I bet you never neverland, Toyota doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to bring something this innovative in north america.

  3. It looks like a bug, but a cute bug. Would not get it in black though because most bugs are black, a different color would make it look better. The seats look like they are out of an old nyc taxi.

  4. “Which brand isn’t?”

    Yes they all are, but it’s all relative. Scion is relatively more pathetic than others.

  5. yes it would work as a Scion. It is cute and cheeky and that is what Scion is all about. Toyota already has the conventional ‘boring’ Yaris.

  6. Thats pretty cool. Remember its only a low cost car, not a $100,000 car, so dont expect a ferrari. Keep it real.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 Scion Xe. Or whatever their consumer clinics decide to name it. The T-iny might work too…Do we get ’03-’08 Prius mileage?

  8. This thing’s gonna kill-off the Smart.

    Oh, by the way, the Smart is also a pathetic manufactured brand. Remember, it was started up by Mercedes in conjunction with Swatch.

  9. I think this and the tC are what will make Scion stay afloat, since the xD is canabalized by the cheaper Yaris, and the xB is a bloated monster. “Scion iQ” has quite the ring to it!

  10. It has a nearly unusable back seat…that’s the only advantage I can see over the forTwo. Whereas the Smart has iconic styling, this is just ugly, especially that pug ugly XB style nose. The Smart has a hip, Euro-style interior. This is drab, dark, Japanese economy car. Old Japanese economy car. Tercel. Starlet. The Smart is a 2 seater BY DESIGN, it isn’t a liabilty. I have a Miata….do you think I’d opt for a rear seat if they offered one? Two seaters are a narrow market. I wouldn’t want one as my only car, unless I was single.

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