Aston Martin Rapide

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These are official images.
And they make the new Porsche Panamera look really bad.

They will be no “cheaper” version of this. Only a V12 with 500hp will be offered.
For those who don’t want the “old man Bentley”…

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  1. Aston Martin just killed the eyesore that is Panamera with this. I usually don’t like these 4-door “sports car” designs but this is gorgeous

  2. Incredible… I am speechless. And to think all this was made possible by billions of dollars provided by Ford.

  3. i agree, i hate these 4 door “sports car” designs too, but if i had to pick one… to bad for had to let it go.

  4. Isn’t this owned by a CHINESE Co. now? Do you think it will fly apart at 120MPH? How about at 65MPH? I think I’ll wait to see how many people get killed in one before even considering it. (And you though Detroit was all style and no reliability!)

  5. These super sedans may finish up as relics of the debt fueled boom years. I don’t think many will ever see the light of day.

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