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Nice looking. But there was really nothing wrong with the way it looked before.
And after seeing the new interior for myself, I’m not sure it is a big improvement.

But some journalist already claim they got over 45mpg when test driving the car.
That is pretty amazing for a mid sized sedan. (I averaged a bit over 39mpg during a week with the Altima Hybrid).

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  1. Those wheels are Camrybland and make the side look disproportionately tame compared to the aggressive grille. They don’t work on this car. And the amber side market being so low makes it the nose look very bottom heavy. I’ll be interested in seeing this in other trim combinations.

  2. anotehr idiot on hos computer late at night n get a life.. this car looks great and will sell much n more than the ugly and cheap camry next year

  3. Is it a hybrid? can’t imagine it’s getting 45mpg. I am smelling a journalist ‘in bed’ with ford.

    personally i don’t like the all-chrome grill. looks too cheap. a splash of chrome is better

  4. I think that front end looks fantastic, a vast improvement over the current one; the only quibble might be that now the rest of the car looks a bit old and boring by comparison.

  5. I like the changes, at least on the outside, looks more fluid. Haven’t seen the back yet though, that was the really boring part of the exterior.

  6. Geeeez, that’s a lotta chrome. Gimme a break. If this is the “Americanized” version of Ford’s European design language, then they/we are really screwed.

    It’s interesting to me that Mercedez, BMW, VW, Audi, et al, do not dumb down their cars for the American market. Ford just doesn’t get it. Even if this is an interim step (for the front end), it’s still pathetic. The current one looks better.

  7. The front lights are a HUGE improvement over the ugly square ones on the old model. The grill, however, still reminds me of my old Gillette Mach III razor (it’s hideous).

  8. I don’t like the wheels on this one….the front could have been more Mondeo like. However I do like this car. I never had a problem w/ the old interior – so if there isn’t much change in quality I’m actually ok with that. I really like the new dash – what a creative way to be different and reduce costs (one universal dash that can be programed for either Canada or US – or intenational if they so choose). I think these guts in a Mondeo would be fantastic.

  9. For once…I agree with dj….well his Camry response anyway.

    I saw this thing in person and it scared me how impressed I was with it. I’d KILL for a wagon version of this!

  10. “douchbag jones said…
    anotehr idiot on hos computer late at night n get a life.. this car looks great and will sell much n more than the ugly and cheap camry next year”

    You called him an idiot? He made that post at 8:11pm and you call that late and night and you tell him to get a life? Hey Douche, you made your post at 10:05pm, later than he did, shouldn’t you get a life too?


  11. You’re not sure if the interior is a big improvement? I’m not sure you have a working set of eyes, sir.

  12. He’s back. Stand by for typo-laden arguments about how if Ford brought back the Edsel next year, it would outsell the Accord.

  13. Wake up Ford! This shiny grill makes your cars look cheap. First impressions is everything. Hellooooo?

  14. The only problem with this Hybrid is pricing. It’s around 28K which is bit more than the Camry Hybrid (although it helps that Toyota raised prices this year to shorten the gap). Not sure how well it’s equipped at that price.

    Possibly you could get a federal deduction at the beginning to compensate little bit.

  15. Looks much cleaner and more modern with some of the refreshening. I like it. I drove one as a rental (probably a 2007 model) and it was a decent car. Hope it does well.

  16. Wow! I actually agree with douchbag jones as far as this new Fusion being better than the Camry hybrid. 45mpg….is that near what the prius gets? I’ll have to look that up. I like the changes that Ford made to this car. I always hated the front of the current Fusion. This one looks waaaaayy better, although I agree that Ford could have put a little less chrome on the front end. Even the rims look good. I would’nt use them on the sport model, but for a nice looking family hybrid 4 door, I think they look great and are very appropriate for the style of this car. Again, great job Ford!

    Also I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Taurus when it comes out. I was reading about the Eco-boost 3.5l v6 on Motortrends web site and for a truck it got very impressive gas mileage. 16city/23hwy mpg and 340hp/340 torque for a Ford F-150…..that’s pretty freakin’ good. I’m really looking forward to seeing this engine in the next Taurus.

  17. Front end is futuristic and slick but the rest of the car is ordinary.

    Looks like it was designed by 2 teams: the techie guys did the front end, and the accounting department styled the rest of the car.

  18. I like the front but it seems to make it look even more nose heavy. Unavoidable in a front drive I know, but this almost accentuates it.

  19. Congratulations Ford! You guys just designed a 2007 Honda Accord and put a different grill on it. I hope these designers didn’t get a bonus this year.

    Otherwise it is a nice, bland people mover from point A to point B.

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