Cadillac Converj Concept

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This is the Cadillac version of the Volt.
But unlike the Chevrolet, it is just a concept.

This is truly what a 21st century Cadillac should look like. Amazing.

I just hope the design, or parts of it, ends up in a production model, somehow…

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  1. That Interior will never see the light of day in production.

    I’m just getting tired of seeing the same thing in every Caddie anymore. That is not leadership, it’s tired thinking all the way.

  2. Two words. Simply stunning. Cadillac needs this to slate below the CTS as well as a sedan version of this to fill that niche. This car has nice creases, sculpted very nice…this will eventually evolve in to the BLC

  3. Obviously a hint of the evolution of Caddilac’s future design direction and its wonderful. The interior is very buildable and the exterior is great. Its fresh and unique from every other OEM and puts the lateste designs and concepts from Mercedes, BMW and Audi to shame.

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