2011 Infiniti M Hybrid

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Infiniti will sell a new Hybrid version of the redesigned M in the US as soon as 2010. (As well as its Nissan clone, the Fuga, in Japan)

This will be the first time Nissan will use its own Hybrid system.
Within 2 years of the M, every Infiniti model in the US could be offered as a Hybrid.

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  1. Front looks good. No ridiculous blistering bubbly headlamp protrusions that have been the darling of Japanese auatomotive design recently. Let’s hope they improve the butt of this car (the current rear end is ugly as sin), make it not premium gas only, and improve the fuel economy on their sweet V6. I’ll skip the hybrid.

  2. So what we’ll have is a “hybrid” that gets marginally better fuel economy and slightly worse performance than it’s non-hybrid version thanks to the extra weight it has to lug around due to the battery pack (think the Lexus LS hybrid). But it will have that coveted “hybrid” name slapped on it, and that’s all that matters.

  3. I agree with first post. The ugly tail lights of the current M model is one of the reasons I did not buy it. Is it not funny that they can lose a customer over lights?

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