Brilliance BS4 crash test

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This Chinese sedan got no stars in the new Euro NCAP crash test. Zero.
To be honest, I have to mention that these tests have been recently revised and are much tougher. Under the “old” test, it would have gotten 3 stars out of 5.
They are known also for their horrific results in similar tests of their larger BS6 sedan a couple of years ago.
Under the new guidelines, the revised BS6 would get 1 star out of 5.

But look at the results from the tiny new Toyota iQ. (Soon to be sold her as a Scion)
It gets 5 stars under the new test! For a much smaller car…

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  1. very unsafe micro car from the duds of the japanese cars…..toyoda. it jumps into the way of another car for a collision

  2. What’s with the snow crash in the end?

    I’ll take a safer ride versus side mirror turn signals.

  3. iQ did well for such a small car!

    Chinese cars are crap right now. You’d figure if they could copy the style, they would copy the safety aspect too.

  4. At least it gets 5 stars.
    Its very hard pressed for most other car makers to achieve this from a very small car.
    Well done.

  5. The first crash test isn’t from NCAP, but from ADAC, a German based and financed crashtestbase that only seems to slam Chinese cars into the wall… and they all end up with a very bad result.

    Something smells fishy here…

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