Brilliance BS4 crash test

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This Chinese sedan got no stars in the new Euro NCAP crash test. Zero.
To be honest, I have to mention that these tests have been recently revised and are much tougher. Under the “old” test, it would have gotten 3 stars out of 5.
They are known also for their horrific results in similar tests of their larger BS6 sedan a couple of years ago.
Under the new guidelines, the revised BS6 would get 1 star out of 5.

But look at the results from the tiny new Toyota iQ. (Soon to be sold her as a Scion)
It gets 5 stars under the new test! For a much smaller car…

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  1. very unsafe micro car from the duds of the japanese cars…..toyoda. it jumps into the way of another car for a collision

  2. What’s with the snow crash in the end?

    I’ll take a safer ride versus side mirror turn signals.

  3. iQ did well for such a small car!

    Chinese cars are crap right now. You’d figure if they could copy the style, they would copy the safety aspect too.

  4. At least it gets 5 stars.
    Its very hard pressed for most other car makers to achieve this from a very small car.
    Well done.

  5. The first crash test isn’t from NCAP, but from ADAC, a German based and financed crashtestbase that only seems to slam Chinese cars into the wall… and they all end up with a very bad result.

    Something smells fishy here…

  6. well it may seem that the germans lack honour in this ADAC test. according to the following article, they changed the standards when testing the BS4 while the old rules were still in effect.

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