2010 GMC Terrain

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Well, I guess GMC isn’t dead, yet.

And they seem to inherit on the “Macho Squared off” personality within the GM family, know that Hummer will soon disappear.
Even though it is based on the new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox and uses the same engines, the GMC version has its own design. And it’s “not for everyone”.

I am not really sure if there is room for both the Equinox and the Terrain anymore. Even with different designs.
We’ll see…

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  1. Is this what my bailout money bought? Oh dear god. Not even the Chinese could create such a disaster!

    All hope is lost.

  2. Ouch. That design is a definite miss. The grill is just way too overbearing. Fix that and the rest is ok.

    But the interior does look great..

  3. wow,
    I LIKE the engine options
    I LIKE the interior

    NOT very appealing
    NOT to sleek either
    NOT very aerodynamic

    I will take 2010 SORENTO anytime over this!

  4. Thi interior looks pretty nice and the rear end also. The front end, however, looks very forced, squeezed, and out of character, and the fender flairs look like tacked on afterthoughts.

  5. This is the problem with GM. They build the same model for different lines but in the same price range. Basically, they all compete with one another. Don’t they get it yet!?

    Build one GOOD one and leave it at that !!!!

  6. The front is hideous with that chrome above the grille and the back looks like a Siena Minivan. It’s too bad, some of the other details are good looking. Let’s hope that Pontiac doesn’t need to put their spin on this platform.

  7. Ever heard of the Ah-nuld B-movie from 1999 called ‘The 6th Day’? It was supposedly set around 2011-2015, and GM was the car sponsor. This looks almost exactly like the cars in that movie.

  8. This was planned and signed off way way before bailout money was even though about ! and people will like this if they like chunky blocky design (sik ) and the rear end reminds me of a buick terazza.

  9. “Basically, they all compete with one another”

    Only if GM was the only car company on earth, maybe. Someone that may never consider a Terrain may like the Equinox…How is that competing?

  10. “Let’s hope that Pontiac doesn’t need to put their spin on this platform”

    Why not? Dont you want more choices? Are you a Luddite?

  11. GM does not have to make money now that they are stealing taxpayer money…Good thing for them…They can build idiotmobiles that nobody wants and still stay in business.

    Death to the taxtakers!

  12. It looks like the expensive grille and driving lights will absorb the impact of any low-speed collisions. We wouldn’t want to scratch that bumper, would we?

  13. What is wrong with you people…. Has anyone SEEN a new pilot or CRV lately??!?!? I think this looks great ( other than the Sienna taillights) and the interior is waaaaaaaay better than anything anyone else is offering…. .Give GM a break!

  14. It’s no worse than a Honda. But that’s not saying much. Actually, I like it better than a CRV or Rav 4. Again, not saying much.

  15. Was not a fan at first, mainly cause I saw it in grey, but it is growing on me pretty fast. (thats what she said) I guess Im the only one but I hope that becomes the new corporate grill, and Im not even drunk, Im just on a few pain killers.

    If pain killers make me like this car than its going to be huge with 40 something house wives.

    I do think they should have added an optional 3rd row though to help set it apart from the Chevy.

  16. I like it a lot. Both inside and out. Much better than the Equinox with a whole lot of unrelated lines going nowhere. And 30 mpg for both I hear. Product like this will save GM. If it goes and it is what it says it is< I'll sign up for one. I'll even wait for it.

  17. ” Anonymous said…
    What is wrong with you people…. Has anyone SEEN a new pilot or CRV lately??!?!? I think this looks great ( other than the Sienna taillights) and the interior is waaaaaaaay better than anything anyone else is offering…. .Give GM a break!”

    I think a lot of people have seen both the CR-V and Pilot. The CR-V has been America’s best selling SUV for three years in a row now, and the Pilot is still selling well despite the economic downturn.

    You might want to check the facts…

  18. GMC really ought to be the commercial truck business for GM. Doing this kind of product, they just compete with Chevy, which doesnt make a lot of sense.

  19. Is that a cheese grater, a rasp, or a grill? Maybe the faux chrome over it isn’t big enough.

    Dear god, this is a design mess. It actually hurts to look at it.

    GMCs used to be the classier and more attractive of the two (between GMC and Chevy). Those days are apparently over.

  20. Does GM really need yet another frickin’ rebadged SUV? WTF is wrong with them? I want a refund of the bailout money. Another stupid SUV is the last thing the industry needs. They will never learn.

  21. I think this looks light years better than the Equinox, not that the new Eq was bad looking in the first place, I just didn’t like the rear. In in essence, I just hate the rear end less on this one. It’s ok that the rear looks a little like a Sienna, that will be getting a redesign soon anyway.

  22. I agree cubedtothex. I think they gave it a shitty rear end on purpose so they can redesign it in two years and then everyone will say wow what an improvement.

    Heres some advice GM its that kind of sleazy business that makes everyone hate you. Just for once try a business practice that makes customers happy they bought your car even after 5 yrs not think you pulled one past them

    Other than that the design looks better every day.

  23. “GMCs used to be the classier and more attractive of the two (between GMC and Chevy). Those days are apparently over”

    Agreed…The Acadia is nice but this is a living abortion…It will be almost tolerable in black.

  24. Looks bigger than it is; and FAR more upscale than anything from Lexus, Acura, Audi or Infinity. Looks like a direct hit on the new Mercedes CUV. I think they should drop the Chevy & Cad versions and just go with this.

  25. Why are people so mad at GM using tax payers money for a loan? How did you all buy your house? Did you take a loan for this? Or what about your car? You pay cash for that?

    Did you tear up your Merrill Lynch account? Get rid of your Citibank credit cards?

    I guess all the GM haters pay for everything in cash.

    What about Toyota? They took loans from Japan. Why no mention of that? If GM makes it through this it will be better for America.

  26. I have no comment on toyota taking loans because I dont pay freaken taxes in Japan. Yes all of use get loans, but from banks not the government, or do you not know how this works? This is a free capitalistic market. If a company builds a shitty product for so long, and no one wants it, then that company learns by going broke.

    Sorry, it sucks but thats how other companies learn!

  27. It’s not about product. GM spends $80 BILLION EVERY YEAR (in the US alone) JUST for Union Pensions for people who are NOT working anywhere (they’re retired). Toyota spends 90% LESS. If we REALLY wanted to save jobs, Obama would pickup the Pension and GM would instantainously be the MOST profitable auto maker (forget the loans; they won’t be needed). (After all, if GM goes broke the US Taxpayer is getting stuck with the bill anyway! — via wellfare, AFDC, social security, unemployment insurance, and soon nationalized social health care.) GM STILL outsells Toyota (not to mention all the MITI-subsidized companies like Honda, Suziki, Subaru, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsibishi, etc.) GOVERNMENT is why the country with the biggest market (the US) can’t support 3 car companies; while the country with one of the smallest markets (Japan) EASILY supports 7 (more if you count auto suppliers like Yamaha (SHO V6)!

  28. I am so looking this SUV/Crossover. I have already contacted the dealer to buy V6 top of the line.
    Its an amazing product inside/out and I guess it will be a great hit.

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