2010 Toyota Prius prices

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The whole thing, including options:


Prius I
To be released at a later date $21,000

Prius II $22,000
– 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle engine
– P195/65 R15 all-season tires with alloy wheels & covers
– Smart Key (driver’s door) and Push Button start
– EV, Eco, and Power modes
– Multi-Informational Display with energy monitor and fuel consumption history
– AM/FM/MP3 CD player with six speakers and satellite radio capability and auxiliary audio jack
– Cruise control
– STAR Safety System and active front headrest
– Seven airbags including driver knee airbag
– Four-wheel disc brakes
– Tilt/telescopic steering wheel with audio and HVAC Controls with Touch Tracer Display
– Six-way adjustable driver seat
– Auto up/down on all windows
– Color-keyed foldable power heated side mirrors

Prius III In addition to Prius II features: $23,000
– JBL AM/FM/MP3 six-disc CD changer with eight speakers
– Integrated satellite radio capability
– Hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth® wireless technology

Prius IV In addition to Prius III features: $25,800
– Three-door Smart Key system
– Leather-trimmed interior
– Heated front seats with driver lumbar support
– Driver and front passenger water repellant windows
– Plasmacluster™ ionizer
– Auto dimming mirror with HomeLink®

Prius V In addition to Prius IV features: $27,270
– 17-inch alloy wheels and P215/45 R17 tires
– LED headlamps with auto leveling and washers
– Integrated foglamps

Optional Equipment MSRP Prius II Prius III Prius IV Prius V

-Navigation Package $1,800 NA Available Available Available
Voice-actived touch-screen
DVD navigation system with
JBL AM/FM/MP3 four-disc CD
changer, eight speakers, integrated
satellite radio capability, XM
NavTraffic capability, hands-free
phone capability and music
streaming via Bluetooth wireless
technology and integrated backup

-Solar Roof Package $3,600 NA Available Available NA
Includes Navigation Package equipment
plus power tilt/slide moonroof with
Solar Powered Ventilation System
and Remote Air Conditioning System
Advanced Technology Package $4,500 NA NA NA Available
Includes Navigation Package equipment
plus Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
(DRCC), Pre-Collision System (PCS),
Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Intelligent
Parking Assist (IPA)

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  1. Although I loathe this vehicle with every fiber of my being, the Prius II and Prius III are not priced badly. I think all factory nav systems are a waste of cash, and tht sunroof package price is a joke. Seing the Prius on the road makes me wish I never got up and wnet outside. There is more beauty in my kitchen trashcan.

  2. I can’t understand why someone would “loathe this vehicle with every fiber” of their being. What has this car done that someone would hate it so completely?

    The new Prius looks to be a great value for people looking for an economical, practical car. Is that a sin?

    Apparently so.

  3. This may actually steal more sales from the Ford Fusion Hybrid than the Insight since they are more the same size and the Fusion is over $30K. (which makes no sense since it is made in Mexico)

  4. I hate the Prius and pretty much everything it represents.

    It is now a status symbol, or your own personal bilboard to show others your ideals. Just buy a Honda Fit and put those savings towards the fuel it requires. It is more fun to drive, has more space, is more practical, is cheaper to own, and certainly won’t make you look like a tool. If you must have a hybrid, buy an Insight.

  5. Yes, it is ridiculous to ‘loath this vehicle with every fibre of my being.’ The technology (I am not talking about the hybrid drive but the ‘gadgets’) you get for the price is better than any vehicle on the road today. You can only dream of owning these techs in high-end vehicles such as a Benz etc.

  6. LED headlights!!! Lane keep assist !!! pre-collision system !!! etc … sounds like a Benz S-class technology re-wrapped for an ‘every-man’ vehicle. Bravo.

  7. No packages will be available for the Prius II level. So if you want a moonroof you’ll pay at least $26,600. If you want navigation you pay $24,800 (excl dest charge).

    Camry Hybrid seems relatively cheap at that equipment level.

  8. LED headlights … That’s an industry second and first in the sub 35k territory (I believe the 2010 Audi R8 is the first one with LED headlights but priced in the 150k).

    Like it or loath it … it is a great bargain for around 33k with all the options! And with the economy the way it is, I would not be surprised if the fully loaded one can be had for around $30k. That is a lot of car and technology.

  9. “Anonymous said…
    This may actually steal more sales from the Ford Fusion Hybrid than the Insight since they are more the same size and the Fusion is over $30K. (which makes no sense since it is made in Mexico)”

    I would much rather have the Fusion Hybrid than the Prius. Made in Mexico or not…

    I’d much rather have the Insight than the Prius.

  10. It looks less like a dorkmobile so the smug government-programmed enviro-dolts might reject it.

    Since CO2 makes plants green then a Prius should be labeled “Brown”…Right?

  11. Fusion starts not at 30K but 27K. And unlike Honda/Toyota you actually do get a federal rebate starting at $3400 (which will drop during the year depending on popularity).

    The Camry Hybrid is now 26K but they have a $2000 rebate.

  12. “may actually steal more sales from the Ford Fusion Hybrid than the Insight since they are more the same size” -Ya right! And the Camery and Avalon are the same size as the Prius too! I think when you said “Fusion” you meant to say “Fiesta” Even the NEON had more room than the Prius. Can we fit as may people and suitcases in a Prius as those funky folks of the ’60’s fit in a phone booth???

  13. Still too expensive for what Toyota gives you. People are starting to wise up to their overpriced and underfeatured bareboned vehicles.

  14. I disagree. This prius is loaded with extras and has the latest of technology. Seems to be not bad value for money and they have high resale value.

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