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First one I see!

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  1. Two weeks ago I saw a whole car-carrier full of these going up Pleasantville Mountain on rural Route 56 in Western PA!

  2. Ironic that we’ve been seeing them in the midwest for awhile, and in California, where all the Super-Wealthy socialist movie people live– you haven’t. I would have thought that they would have FIRST appeared in the land of Austin-Martins and Ferraris (and not so much here in the land of cheap Hyundais, Corollas, and Ford pickups). There must be too much car for the money here, to be trendy in California. Mabey if they could increase the pollution it produces or cut the mileage to 12MPG it would help the sales in Hollywood. Perhaps changing the “GM” logo to some Japanese letters would help.

  3. Look at the interior of this. They spent the entire effort on the exterior. The interior is a complete joke. The ’71 Pinto interior has more inspiration than the interior of this. Not to mention before it had even hit dealers, it was recalled.

  4. To the fool who said the interior is a joke:
    WRONG. The interior is awesome, you probably drive a Toyota with a horrible grey plastic interior so you wouldn’t actually understand what a well designed interior should look like.

  5. To the fool commenting about the person who said the interior was a joke. If you consider that interior to be awesome, you shop at Walmart because you consider it to be high class. You are also probably married to your cousin. Please do not post comments after drinking moonshine made in your back shed.

  6. I haven’t seen the interior in person. But all of the reviews have been very complimentary. Jay Lenno compared it to the quality of an Audi. That may be a little far fetched, but still, it’s very impressive.

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