2010 Lincoln Mark LT

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The Lincoln version of the F150 is back for 2010.
Only in Mexico, so far.

The previous model was pretty much a flop in the US, but I guess there is enough demand in Mexico for a new one…

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  1. Oh god… how many times do you have to fail at something to realize it's just not meant to be??
    They've been trying this damn truck thing since the Blackwood!

  2. Lincoln suffered from being too similar to the Ford. Even though this new Lincoln has a more distinctive grill than the old one; it's still IDENTICAL from theheadlights back. The Escalade pickup may be $20,000 more than the Lincoln; but it's also more distinct from its 4-dr Chevy Silverado Sister. And it has a different dash. I think that distinctive styling is pretty important at these prices. The new Lincoln grill is a step in the right direction, but it also needs radically different side styling and its own dash & steering wheel. That's one reason why people with real money prefer Escalades to Lincoln's or Acura MDX's. (That and the vehicles overall long-term capabilities). These days any GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc will last for 250,000 miles or more– that's a long time to be stuck with something that looks like its cheaper generic cousin. Cad outsells LT mainly because it just stands out from the crowd more.

  3. It's interesting to see the new front end treatment on a truck. The separate grill and the smooth, no protruding bumper, like on the new MKT

  4. I predict strong sales and that most will be equipped with aftermarket Bullhorns on the hood and Airhorns on the roof! -not to mention the obligatory Virgin Mary decal in the back window.


  6. I hear the only luxury version of the F-150 will now bare a Ford badge.

    But I like the looks of this.

  7. i think that if lincoln gave the mark lt an interior more like the navigator and tweaked the outside a little more, this truck would work in the u.s.-it flopped before, but it consitently outsold the cadillac truck, dont know why they haven't cancelled that beast yet! lol

  8. The only audience for a high end pick-up is some rich guy somewhere in laguna beach who thinks he might have haul something someday. He doesn't know what it is yet, but he's ready. Oh, and Pablo Escobar so he can haul a couple hundred kilos of cocaine in not-so-style.

    The bumper isn't protruding cause it doesn't have to meet U.S. crash standards. If you had crash standards in mexico you'd end up with a lot of dead donkeys on your hands, and nobody wants to ruin a good donkey show.

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