Alfa Romeo Milano

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Wow. it seems that everyone on the factory floor has a camera.
Or maybe these “spy shots’ are being released on purpose.

I just hope the car doesn’t end up being rebadged as a Chrysler when it comes over here.
We want real Alfas.

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  1. Chrysler needs a Chrysler compact car. Enough people bought Chryslers when they had Mercedes underpinnings, buying into the badges saying they were "American" cars. There will be Fiats branded as Chryslers with unique "melted Chrysler 300" cheat-metal.

    The Fiat 500 will be the only Italian car, I believe, sold in the States. It will be a niche brand for fashionistas to compete with Mini and Smart.

  2. "We want real Alfas."
    -Amen to that. I would seriously consider an Alfa Brera, if they brought it over as is.

  3. They are testing to see if Americans will want to buy goofmobiles. They are pushing these photos out to teat the market. I don't think Americans are weak enough for these to sell but they are getting close.

  4. Car on the right on first picture is Fiat Croma, which is based on previous version of Opel Vectra.

  5. To 1st poster: That is a Fiat Croma, which is Fiat's SUV/wagon thing, on sale in Europe since 2005. It was facelifted in 2007.

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