2011 Hyundai Sonata

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The best pictures yet of the all new Sonata.
And it still looks good. I don’t think this car will disappoint once we see the official shots, or even the real thing.
A really nice alternative to the Camry and Accord.

It seems that Mazda was going for the same “sedan with more personality” part of the market, but I don’t see too many of these around…
Let’s hope it works out better for Hyundai…

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  1. Looks Toyotaish but that doesn't mean I don't think it looks good. I love what Hyundai is doing. The Little 3 need to pay attention. This is how u do it. Put out affordable, attractive, fuel efficient vehicles with better and better quality.

  2. Exterior looks like a mildly improved Camry. Interior looks like its from a top-of-the-line Acura. If priced the same price as Camry/Accord it shold sell like crazy!!!

  3. Wow….I love how they make new design combination out of the "Hyundai Pool of Design." They have been making new versions of older designs that skip generations so no one will really notice, therefore it spaces out the cannibalizm in design (which is what Toyota has been guilty of for the past decade). Rotating cues and designs and tweaking them while feeding in new ones is smart, because you can redesign something without pulling a "Corolla".

    I'm still kind of on the fence when it come to the front of the car, but I can't wait to see it in person….for some reason the picture angles always make the headlights look melted.

    Look at the refresh version of the first gen Elantra to understand what I mean.

  4. Looks more upscale than I thought it would. After spending a little time with my neighbor's Elantra and seeing how well it's performing for her needs, I'd finally consider owning the brand. The memory of the Excel is finally dead.

  5. Vaince said…
    you see that emblem in the middle of the grill? that stands for a car I will never own, you?

    Vaince, you're a neandertal ! This cie evolving realy fast. They improve their product more than a lot of the other car maker. Hyundai is in the top 5. Did you ever tought that 10 years ago ?
    You better consider it !!!

  6. The designers of the current Gen Camry should pay careful attention to this design. I liked the Gen 5.5 facelift of the Camry and have always been a Toyota fan but it seems Hyundai is figuring out how to sway many people with great design and improving their reliability. This design to me feels like what the current Gen Camry should have been.

    Why on earth did they make the current Gen look like the 4th Gen, seems like they were stepping back from a radical design process.

    On the note I would recommend the designers of the current US version Honda Accord take a careful look at this as well. Sure the Accord's interior is nice, but that exterior has got to go. They should have let the TSX be the current US brand Accord. What were they thinking.

  7. If this was badged Infiniti, you'll think it's Infiniti. If it was badged Lexus you'll think it's badged Lexus. If an airplane was painted South West but was actually Delta, you'll think it's delts. Nice Hyundai. I only know it's a hYundai because the badge says so. VW Icroc, Toyota Tundra and Mitsubishi Lancer. Honda CRV, Volvo or Saabs tailights. It's not just the Koreans copying. For example, Suzuki SL-7, Chrysler Pacifica, Hyundai Veracruz, Lexus RX, Acuar MDX, Mercedes GL class all have that same slanted pillar at the back end of it. Some are winder and some are thinner but it's still there. But the Sorento is the only one copying. Look at the Mazda 6's headlights, and the Toyota Yaris Headlights. Smart and Toyota I Q. If it was a Hyundai I Q it looks like a smart.

  8. i will never own this crap. pure, utter garbage. this pig needs to be 5,ooo dollars less than an altima/ mazda6 and i probably would still just pass it by. No! they are not better than they were, they are weak , poor peoples cars.

  9. This looks incredible. I'll replace my '06 Sonata Limited with one.

    " Vaince said…

    you see that emblem in the middle of the grill? that stands for a car I will never own, you?

    August 21, 2009 12:11 PM"

    Then you are an idiot. 90K on my Sonata and not a single problem.

  10. This looks very nice and upscale. While the front end is Solara-ish, the back end is great and the interior looks classier than anything in the midsize class. Let's hope the engines don't let us down and that they don't skimp on interior materials quality/fit and finish. If this car with a V6 and loaded up stickers for less than $29K, it's a bargain. We'll see.

  11. Hyundai is doing a great job stealing the best design ques from the big Marques
    Could be a contender soon.

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