Bentley Mulsanne

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The big Bentley has ben redesigned, after all these years.
And it’s not that interesting anyway, really. Most people won’t even get to see one around, let alone drive one.
So I don’t care much for it.

Plus, while the smaller Continental GT still looks great, their sedans are boring looking.

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  1. Are those headlights big enough? They remind me of a studio exec I know high on crack and meth…total tweeker headlights.

  2. Okay.

    This looks like a Geely knockoff.

    And why is every copying Buick's side profile character line?

    *And I LOVE that my word verification for posting is "mulzine" 😉

  3. "And why is every copying Buick's side profile character line?"
    August 16, 2009 4:02 PM

    And whats wrong with this sentence?

  4. wow…. im sorry,, that is exactly what it should be… a beautiful evolution of the current car….. it has the striking lines of the continental but the elegance of the arnage…. but what the hell is with the name?

  5. To 8:25 PM: Bentley often uses names of curves and straights in the Le Mans circuit to name their cars. Mulsanne is one example of this, others are Arnage and Hunaudieres.

    About the car, I think it's quite nice, a quiet evolution of the classic Bentley styling theme. What bothers me lately is that all Bentley models seem to use the exact same rear light clusters. Surely they can afford to design and produce different ones for each model?

  6. >>"And why is every copying Buick's side profile character line?"
    August 16, 2009 4:02 PM

    And whats wrong with this sentence?<<


    You don't have to be a grammar nazi. It's called a typo –

    And why is EVERYONE copying Buick's side profile character line?

    There: are you happy?

  7. Looks to me like a mish mash of what some German thinks are English luxury styling cues, all thrown in together.

  8. Hey this looks alot like the all new infiniti M just unveiled. I didn't like the old M , but this one looks like this Bently, Wow!

  9. I disagree with every last one of you. This a beautiful car. The lines remind me of many vintage American cruisers (early Rivieras, anyone?). Noways boring like the Continental GT. May not be the Bentley you guys wanna see, but I dig it.

  10. "Evil clown" face on that front end ! i just wanna take some red fantasy fur and put it along the front edge of the hood !!!! Its kinda sad that the only thing i can think about every single time i see that new front end is Ronald Mcdonald…and that itself doesnt scream luxury at all, the rest of the car is simply melding arnage with continental NOTHING NEW HERE FOLKS TIME TO MOVE ALONG….

  11. If this was a Hyundai you guys would say the headlights are round like the Dodge Neon, Mini cooper, Porche or VW bettle. Come on lets start talking about what it looks like. Did Suburu's older Imprza have those circular headlights too. All those headlights really are is from BMW from the 80's or Mercedes without the two extra headlights there. It exterior mirrors stick out like the Nissan leaf, Toyota Prius, Kia Rondo, Mitubishi Endeaver, and Lexus IS.

  12. If Hyundai's logo looked like bentley's everyone would say the copy off everying. This logo looks like Mini cooper's

  13. Too bad their aren't more "rolling works of art" with these proportions. I'm so sick of all those generic microbox deathtraps.

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