2011 Ford Focus?

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Just another illustration.
But it’ll probably look close to that. A big Fiesta…

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  1. It looks great. The one on Jay Leno's new show looked great too. We'll see what we end up getting I guess.

  2. Im quite sure lots of people will just love this front end, I myself think its very ugly and just plain odd looking, along with all the other squashed front and rear ends drawings/illistration's we have seen of the future foci… so who knows ??? Ford needs to keep in mind that awesome design and odd design cost the same. why on earth bring out a design that my alienate 30% of your buyers ?

  3. "why on earth bring out a design that my alienate 30% of your buyers ?"

    You think they might alienate 30% of their buyers with this design? Maybe, but they'll gain another 60% from people who would have bought something foreign. Ya it looks similar to the Fiesta but Ford for some reason likes to make all theyre cars and suvs look alike. I dont understand the majority of the people who comment on this blog. You think this looks bad, but you like the CR-V?

  4. Ford is trying to make global cars that look the same everywhere…Most people in the world have infantile tastes.

  5. Well the Fiesta is a unequivocal hit in Europe and I believe will be in the USA. If the focus is patterned after it, Ford will be on a huge roll in a very difficult enviroment. Good for Ford.

  6. I think it looks fantastic, very European.

    "www.bigbronze.com said…
    HOKUS POKUS I think they should kill the name Focus

    September 24, 2009 6:55 PM"

    Why? It is called the Focus EVERYWHERE else in the world. What would you suggest? Bring back the Escort nameplate?

    Get real. The Focus is a WORLD car.

  7. It looks good, but because of the grill, it will look old in 2 years…plus it looks like a giant Fiesta clone. The current focus may be ugly, but at least its original!

  8. I think Ford is better off with this appearance instead of building on the Schick razor look of the Fusion. I regret that it has so much "face" built in, but at least it not grinning like the Mazda 3 and it's certainly better looking than the CRV overbite.

  9. Wha tdo you mean it's orginal. Those headlights came from the 2006 Toyota Camry. The exterior mirrors can be found on the Prius, Insight, Leaf, Rondo, Endeaver, and many more. I can get from Acruas to Volvos. The greenhouse reminds me of the VW Iroc without the exterior mirros.

  10. While the 2005 Toyota Camry is back. I say in 2025, all cars are going to look alike in order to get the highest mpg like all airplanes look alike in order to fly.

  11. A Toyota Camry back in 2004 with the Mazda 2's bumper. That black bar on the bumper is on the Lancer Evo as well.

  12. Better looking than any "small" car out right now.
    Even if they "only" bring a 5 door(hope it isn't just the 7 seater C-Max, or whatever. I don't need a 7 seater Focus/hatchback)..Focus, and it looked like this… I will consider one…very seriously consider one.

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