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A mystery car…. Again.
This looks more like a concept thn a production model. But what?

I hear a new Citroen 2CV. But it seems more like a Beetle. It also looks like a 4 door.
Are the coming up with a 4 door version of the redesigned New Beetle???

What do you think?

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  1. after playing with it a bit in photoshop, lightening, denoising, etc, i came up with….. not much, lol. there seem to be 4 separate 'fenders' but that was a feature of both Beetles and 2CVs. it seems a bit low, long and rakish to be a 2CV though. the header over the windshield cuts at an angle similar to the Beetle Speedster from a couple of years ago. it might not be a bad idea to do a longer wheelbase 4 door version with a low roof. it would simultaneously create more room, more style and the low 'coupe' roof that's popular right now. the grille, or opening in the front, isn't very Beetle or VW though. the ribs on the hood could be a way of remembering the strengthening ribs of the Citroen.

    but it almost seems italian to me-an oddball Lancia?

  2. Vince,

    The 2CV was always a 4 door.

    I wonder if it will come with a crank starter like the old one (to be fair, the later models had electric start as well).

  3. It really does look like a frog-car: Its jaunty, leaping stance, playful volumes and purposeful window-graphic.

    Could it possibly be one of those ghastly offshore brands from China?

  4. I read a motor trend a few months back about the redesign of the beetle. The sketches show a more conventional hatchback design, however it still conveyed the "Beetle" cues. A 4 door is news to me though.

  5. the redesign of the citroën C-Cactus Concept (future low cost, basic concept a la 2cv and electric powertrain)

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