Citroen 2CV Concept

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That was the mystery car last week.
I still think it looks much more like a New Beetle than a 2CV.
I actually don’t see anything from the old 2CV in this design. Unlike the Mini, New Beetle or Fiat 500 that are instantly recognizable..

We’ll see more pics really soon.

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  1. The rear reminds me of a Renault 4CV. I guess that "any resemblance is purely coincidental" since the 4CV was a competitor to the 2CV (for the first few years of the 2CV's long career anyway).

  2. i just wonder if it will be able to traverse a rutted farm field without cracking any of the eggs in a basket, the design brief for the very first 2CV… i actually saw a sky blue 2CV Charleston yesterday in my home state of Connecticut. i was pretty shocked. i've seen perhaps 3 in the USA in my entire 52 year old life.

  3. If ya squint real good and look at the rear ya can see some 2cv but un squint and youll see a ford Ka, and while squinting at the front end youll see a 1st year bmw Z3 !

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