Mazda2 coming to the US!

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Late next year.

I guess the pressure from the new Fiesta was just too much…

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  1. I was wondering when this was going to happen. They need something in a price point below the 3. All hale the spirit of the old 323 Hatch! Will we get a 2 door version?

  2. The top-of-the-line versions of these look awesome in my opinion, especially the 5-door model. Too bad there is no "hot" engine version available, like the Fiesta ST to back up the looks a bit.

  3. about time mazda got there head outta there ass ! this thing looks awesome, the yaris is so damn ugly compared to this ! this car is gonna sell like crazy !

  4. Well, I'm a grad student… I neither need nor can afford a large expensive vehicle. And this looks great and is probably good on gas. I consider living within my means to be a sign of maturity—not immaturity. I would buy one of these. I'm glad Mazda decided to begin selling them here. I think enough others will have similar views, making it worth Mazda's efforts. I hope it has a sunroof option.

  5. "the yaris is so damn ugly compared to this !"

    September 17, 2009 3:32 PM

    Why did mazda copy the rear end off the yaris then??

  6. Doesnt the Sport version have projector beam headlights? I'm guessing from the engine size, we'd get that. Its also part of their Zoom Zoom approach. I hope they dont water it down.

  7. This looks retarded.

    The Fiesta looks better in every single imaginable way. From the exterior to the interior, it is no contest.

  8. Its coming because of new CAFE requirements. Like all the other manufacturers, Mazda is scrambling to get their numbers up. How? Add a smaller higher mpg vehicle to the line-up. Pretty simple.

  9. Why did Mazda copy the back end of the Yaris? Because the Yaris looks like a Mazda in the front. That's why. And it does look better than that Yaris. I like the sedan too. I just don't like where the auto trans in located. Other than that it's nice. The interior looks better than the Nissan Cube's though

  10. "Why did Mazda copy the back end of the Yaris? Because the Yaris looks like a Mazda in the front."

    Well since the Yaris has been out since 2005 and the Mazda 2 has been out since 2007, its obvious that Mazda looks like a Yaris in the front. No ifs, no buts about it.

  11. Um, no. The Yaris got it's grille from the 2008 Mazda 3's. They just made it smaller. Plus the Corollas' (ignore the grille though) headlights came from the 2008 Mazda 3's as well. I been doing this a lot longer than you. You didn't pay any atttention to other copy cats until I shown that it's not just Hyundai/Kia copying.

    where were you when the Tundra took the VW Icroc's face? where where you when the Chrysler 300 got it's desing from Rolls royoce?

    Where were you when the Toyota Venza's headlights came from the Edge?

    You were there when the Forte got it's headlights from the Civic but where were you when the Civic got it's back lights from the Audi a4?

    Where were you when the Lincoln MKR got it's headlights from Acura?

    So the Yaris looks like a baby Mazda. The Nissan Altima's headlights looks like the Prius. The Insights face looks like a VW CC's

  12. The Yaris looks like a baby Mazda. Toyota's aint' all that original they copy too.

    The camry's headlights looks like the Acura TL's

    Oh yeah and this looks way better than any Yaris.

  13. "Whoop de do for you. Does anyone care." Aprently the commet above mines. Now what. If it was a Hyundai/kIa everyone would have said what it looks like. But ohh no not Mazda, not Toyota or Honda their 100% ORIGINAL. Oh yeah, the side profile of the Mazda CX-9 looks like the Audi Q7's side.

  14. "Whoop de do for you. Does anyone care." Then why is the new Sonata getting Solara feed back? why is the Forte geting Civic feed back? Why is that then huh?

  15. "..the pressure from the Fiesta was just too much"

    Or perhaps the cost-saving opportunity for Mazda to build them alongside the Fiesta in Mexico was just to great to ignore.

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