More pictures of the new Ford Grand C-Max

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The 7 passenger is coming to the US in 2011.

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  1. I love Ford's European design language, I hope they don't dilute it or try to "Americanize" it when they start to offer those models in the US.

  2. looks great. Someone is putting the mini back in the minivan. Hopefully the rear seats will fold completely down or at least are removable. I would probably use those seats about as often as I shave my chest…

    I was considering replacing my wife's SIenna with a Mazda5 but this looks better.

  3. A truly "mini" minivan. And a good looking one to boot…

    But the first anonymous poster is right. 7 normal humans are not going to fit into that car, unless 5 of them are children..

  4. Not bad but I think the Mazda5 has a better front end.

    Kids are so tall these days that I don't think, once they are out of car seats, would like to ride in long trips in this thing. Car seats won't fit in this thing … and if you are really going to carry 7 passengers, where would their stuff fit. Great for Europeans and Asians but not for us Americans. Give us the proper minivan such as the Ody, Sienna and T&C.

  5. I think kids would be fine in the middle seat. The 3rd row seats are sort of "emergency seats", so you have legal places to strap in kids occasionally.

    I agree with Louis, I think 3rd row (and 2nd as well) should fold completely into the floor.
    Hopefully it will offer a nice 4-cylinder/6-speed auto tranny combo.

    It looks like a nice effort, and different than anything GM or Chrysler (or Honda or Toyota) offer.

  6. The front is OK…but that rear of the greenhouse is goofy. The overall vehicle reminds me of new millennium Stanza wagon.

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