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Mazda has also introduced a 2 door and sedan version of the Mazda2.
I am not sure yet which one will be offered in the US.
But Toyota does offer the Yaris as a 3, 5 door and sedan versions.
And the Ford is supposed to do the same with the new Fiesta.

We’ll know everything in December when the US version is introduced at the :.A Auto show.
Where I will be, reporting.

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  1. I'm waiting for something so small I can drive it right into my bedroom at night; like the Mazda 0, the BMW 0, the Club Car 0, and the Lawn Boy 0. Cars so fuel efficent that they don't even need an engine– like the flintstones had.

  2. Without a doubt I'd rather have the Fiesta.

    Mazda's current design themes are incredibly childish.

  3. I seem to be in the minority, but I think all three of the Mazda2 body styles look better than the Fiesta.

    And I would love to buy the 3-door…

  4. Wow, so they may be selling the Sedan in the US? I would think they would be worried about losing 3 Sedan sales…."why get a 3 when I can get a cheaper 2!"

    My real question is what will eventually take the "Mazda 4" name?

  5. My old 323 ran for 350km without anything to complain about. Presuming there's not much Ford parts in this, this could be a great zoom zoom reliable ride like the 323. I hope it ride like a go-kart like the old 323's did too!

  6. Mazda is putting out some ugly cars lately. Seems like they have lost their "zoom zoom". -that only applies to cars larger that the 3 series. The corporate motto for 1 & 2 series Mazdas is a play on their unsafe size; "Doom-Doom"

  7. I just went to the Mazda UK website – since its english and they already have it. Check out the TV Ad there… If Mazda USA can market it like that, I think this will be big hit for Mazda here (despite its small size).

  8. WoW! Just imagine being in this thing with one of the German booth-babes pictured below! Now the car looks OK.

  9. I'm betting on the 3-door and 5-door variants for the US market.. the 4-door looks way too similar to the upcoming Fiesta, and would definitely encroach on Mazda3 sedan territory (since the 3 is designed to look smaller outside than it is).

  10. The Yaris isn't orginal niether. Tell Toyota to give Nissan back the Yaris' tailights back to Nissan so they can place it back on the Nissan Z's headlights. Also they took the grille from the 2005 Mazda 3.

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